Top 5 summer blockbuster movies

With summer vacation officially over at Cerritos College, here are the top five summer box office movies led by Gru in “Despicable Me 2” and rounded out by the unlikely duo of Bullock and McCarthy in “The Heat.”

1. “Despicable Me 2” topped the box office by making more than $346 million and stars your favorite evil mastermind with his adorable minions turned good by the love of three young orphan girls. Gru (Steve Carell) and Dr. Nefario (Russell Brand) have put their plans to be super villains behind them and have joined the forces of good to help investigate a crime.

2. Next there is “Man of Steel, ” which re-ups the less than stellar movie saga of Superman and came in at just over $289 million. The movie takes you on the journey of how Kal-El alias Clark Kent (Henry Cavill) leaves his home planet of Krypton and becomes the great defender of Metropolis. Metropolis then becomes the battlefield for the clash between Superman and his nemesis General Zod.

3. With about $261 million, “Monsters University” takes you back in time when the scare team of Mike Wazowski and Sully could not see “eye-to-eyes” during their first semester at Monsters U. It shows how the popular party animal Sully ended up becoming best friends with the studious college student Mr. Wazowski.

4. “World War Z” was fourth with $198 million and takes the name but not the story of the popular novel by Max Brooks. The film throws Gerry Lane (Brad Pitt) in the middle of the Zombie apocalypse that is taking over the city of Philadelphia as he joins a special team to travel around the world in hope to discover a cure for the disease.

5. Last but not least, “The Heat” brought in a little over $155 million with the comedy duo of Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy. Bullock plays a “by the book” FBI field agent that is paired with a loud, loose cannon cop from Boston played by McCarthy. The dysfunctional duo teams up and tries to bring one of the top drug lords in Boston to justice as well as become best friends on the manhunt.

There is still time to catch up on these box office hits before movies such as “Thor 2,” “Catching Fire,” and “Anchorman 2” come out this Fall.