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Talon Marks

‘Ozymandias’ punches fans in the heart

With only two episodes left, “Breaking Bad” has picked up the pace with lots of drama, tears and a few revelations among the characters we have invested ourselves into.

Ozymandias, the 14th episode of this season finally answered the question that has plagued our minds since last week in To’hajiilee.

This episode is undoubtedly one of the best of the entire series. It was full of action and a few heart-wrenching moments that left a some jaws wide open in the process. It also gave a view into Walt’s soul and showed us how much he is willing to sacrifice himself for the safety of his family.

Ozymandias shocked, angered and gave viewers a lot of goosebumps. Every scene was deliberately meant to do either of those things and it did not disappoint. No one was ready for what happened.

The episode starts with a flashback to the first time Walt and Jesse cook meth. We see a little snippet of Skyler and Walt’s relationship back when she was still pregnant.

They discuss their daughter’s name and show some of the happiness that they have lost because of Walt’s life altering decisions. This scene showed just how different things have become over the span of a couple years.

Then, it flashes back to the present where Hank and Gomez are outmanned and outgunned by the neo-Nazi group which is led by Jack.

Gomez dies when the dust settles and, to Walt’s utter horror, after trying to bargain for his life, Jack kills Hank.

Walt tried to save him but failed to realize that Hank would never bargain with criminals.

Hank’s last words are haunting as they are cut out by Jack’s gun, “Just do what you gotta d…”

Jesse momentarily disappears during the shootout and hides under Walt’s black car but gets discovered and is ratted out by Walt himself.

Walt seems to have no love left for Jesse and doesn’t try to protect him anymore.

Meanwhile, at the car wash, Marie and Skyler have a sisterly chat about the future of their relationship and what Skyler’s possible choices are.

Marie offers Skyler help but under the condition that Walter Jr. be told of what his father has been doing for the past year. Skyler reluctantly agrees and they decide to tell him then and there, but Walter Jr. refuses to believe them.

Walt has little time to get his family to safety and goes to his house to start packing clothes for their disappearance.

At their house, Skyler, Walter Jr. and Holly unexpectedly meet him up and an argument ensues where Skyler tries to protect her children from Walt by threatening him with a knife.

This is the most violent encounter between Skyler and Walt, ending with Walter Jr. trying to shield his mother from his father’s wrath.

The strength of the family is in shambles as Walt kidnaps Holly and uses her kidnapping as a guarantee that Skyler is only viewed as one of Walt’s victims by the police.

Skyler’s chilling screams resonated as she ran after the truck that Walt was driving.

After all the death and the fights, we’re still unsure as to what Walt ultimately plans to do in the series finale.

His family has made it clear of its feelings toward him and his decisions, but even after all the blood is spilled, there may still be hope for Walt’s redemption.

Walt’s cancer is back and his final showdown against Jack will be his ultimate gift to his family, a family he has put in harm’s way too many times.

This episode was undoubtedly one of the finest to ever air on any show. It has been the wildest ride and the payoff has been terribly amazing.

I give this episode a solid 4 out of 4 for keeping me at the edge of my seat for the entire episode.

We can only wait for this Sunday to find out what will happen next.


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‘Ozymandias’ punches fans in the heart