Thank goodness for ‘Gravity!’


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In Bullock's new film “Gravity,” directed by Alfonso Cuaron, shows that she can accomplish any role that is given before her.

Sandra Bullock is like a fine wine, she only gets better as time progresses.

In Bullock’s new film “Gravity,” directed by Alfonso Cuaron, shows that she can accomplish any role that is given before her.

The film is about a medical engineer named Dr. Ryan Stone, played by Bullock, and her partner Matt Kowalski, played by actor George Clooney, who are sent to space to work on a mission.

During the middle of their mission, the pair is told that there is a huge amount of debris coming toward them and they need to abort the mission if they want to live.

With seconds before impact, Stone and Kowalski find themselves fighting for survival because the impact from the debris destroyed the shuttle.

With both characters lost in space and no connection with anyone on Earth, Kowalski and Stone fight for the chance to get back to Earth.

As the movie continues, you can’t help but hold onto your seat because there’s always some big event that is about to take place.

It also was great because you begin to fall in love with Bullock’s character.

The movie will help you understand but she does such a great job at making you feel like Dr. Ryan Stone is a real person and that all of her experiences are real.

The graphics in this movie are so fantastic that it is easily one of the best space films ever made.

If you can, you should try to watch it in 3D because it only makes the film that much better.

What better way to get you into a movie than having flying space debris coming at you and you jumping and ducking because you feel as if it’s going to hit you too.

It is a little more expensive but it will definitely be worth it.

It almost feels as if you’re sitting on a ride at Universal Studios instead of the movie theater.

In all, this film was fantastic and I recommend that you see it for yourself.

It is rated PG-13 and runs about 90 minutes long (a little too short if you ask me), but it’s still a great film!