The Marked Ones will make you cringe and crack up

“Paranormal Activity: Marked Ones” provided a fresh take in the paranormal series revives what has almost become stagnant in the very popular series.

Some parts of the movie were scary, but the times that made the audience cringe where the same old cliché moments, like the jump at your face scare or the shady person at the end of a dark hallway.

“Paranormal Activity: Marked Ones” follows the story of recent high school graduate Jesse, but not everything is happily ever after. What ensues after is a dark tale that will surprise most movie goers.

The beginning of the movie was comical, providing laughter for the audience. The main character Jesse, played by Andrew Jacobs, did a great job playing his role as a young Latino graduate but his cohorts will make you mad because of their stupid actions and decisions they make throughout the movie.

The pace of this movie was definitely better than the last paranormal movies which were much slower to get to that moment where you get scared straight.

The writers did a good job of connecting this movie to one of the previous movies in the paranormal series.

Some parts of the movie make you scratch your head in bewilderment. When Jesse is at the climax of his demonic possession, you can see the poorly used computer generated imagerydetracts from the movie.

The characters were making bone-headed decisions like going to their creepy neighbors house, opening random doors, or going into a shady attic.

The movie got mixed reviews, but overall the movie was enjoyable.This movie did a good job targeting Latinos with all the culture elements attached to the movie.

The shaky camera concept has been dying off. So who knows what the people at Paramount Pictures will do with future installments?

“Paranormal Activity: Marked Ones” will give you cheap scares and some fun laughs that will make your stomach hurt for days.