Spring dance auditions prove to be intense for students


Alexandra Scoville

Students perform choreography during the dance audition.

“It’s always intense it will always be hard for me because I didn’t start dancing till last year,” said dance major Jeyo Ramos, who was just one of many students to audition for upcoming dance concerts at Cerritos College on Saturday, Jan. 18.

Although Ramos admits the auditions have always be intense in his part, he also hopes his best try will get him somewhere in a concert.

Ramos feels like having a busy schedule can interfere with being in a dance concert with practices, “It’s better to have a flexible schedule than a busy tight one. I feel so not so sure because of my schedule I’m one who has a tight schedule,” he said.

Students were taught different choreography as well as different exercises that involved stretching and flexibility.

“I haven’t danced in a long time it was intense and complicated and my thing is ballet and we didn’t do anything about it,” Kristy Hardiman, nursing major said. Hardiman feels unsure about her effort, “I’m hoping I make it but I don’t feel like I did that great.” Hardiman is just auditioning for one concert this semester.

However, Jimmy Huizar, dance and theater major, feels confident about his audition.
“I have a good chance to make it because last semester i made it to two numbers this [time] I want three numbers,” he said.

Huizar feels like this semester the judges are tougher, and may choose less people since there were not as many people who auditioned this semester compared to last semester.

Even though the judges may be tough, the atmosphere of the dance department is a positive one according to Huizar. “I feel the dance professor makes us feel welcome and feel good about ourselves , I think the dance [teachers are] very good they don’t treat us different [ they treat us ] all the same,” Huizar said.

Noe Najera, choreographer for this semester’s dance show says that students can prepare for dance auditions by simply getting enough sleep and practicing ” Najera is looking for more than just good dance moves when it comes to selecting students. “I mean I’m not looking for a great dancer,” he said, “having a great attitude and having enough energy should get you going to participate in this upcoming show.”