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‘Advanced Warfare’ takes risks that make game fun


November is here again, and for most gamers that means it is Call of Duty season. This year Activision released its newest version on the blockbuster shooter called Call of Duty Advanced Warfare. And I’ve got to say, this game is a ton of fun.

This newest Call of Duty brings many necessary changes to a franchise that has been criticized for being orthodox with its gameplay for the past few years.

These new changes include the ability to customize your scorestreaks, loot drops and the most significant change is the exo-suit.

The exo-suit gives players the ability to double jump on top of buildings that are otherwise impossible to get to. It also gives players some added features like extra health, silent foot steps, speed and a hover ability; all of which last for a couple of seconds and then wear off until they are recharged or you die, then you can use them again.

The exo-suit and the other new changes to the game give Call of Duty a refreshing new feel. It brings the fun back to the game because past Call of Duty games were becoming too complacent. For example, Call of Duty Ghost did not do anything to change the gameplay, it was just the same Call of Duty game that gamers have come to expect. This, in turn, made the game boring, forgettable and unimaginative.

But all the problems that plagued Ghost do not show up in Advanced Warfare.

If one word could describe Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, it would be “fun.” The word “fun” comes to mind because the exo-suit gives players crazy ways to take down enemies. For example, on one occasion when I was playing, I was literally jumping from building to building with a shotgun, taking down enemies; and in one instance, I dropped down from the sky and took down the enemy, it was like I came out of no where.

Now these exo-suits make for a faster gameplay, so gamers have to be on the run constantly from one side of the map to the other.

There is one downfall to the game and that is the supply drop feature. While it is welcomed to the game and it’s awesome that there is a loot system, this new loot system could use some modifications. Like for one, it’s very unfair to what you get; it is really random and there is no certainty on whether or not you will get a good item.

Most of the time, when I was playing and I got one of the supply drops, it was a weak weapon or a customization item for my character. The good thing is that you can trade in the item for some experience points, the bad thing is that getting something useful is few and can take forever to get.

Overall, Call of Duty Advance Warfare is a much needed game for a franchise that many gamers thought was too pedestrian. The exo-suit was a great feature that makes to gameplay feel fun and at time unorthodox. If anyone feels that Call of Duty has lost its touch, well, fear not because Advance Warfare is here.

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Grester Celis-Acosta
Grester Celis-Acosta, Managing Editor
I am Grester Celis-Acosta, I will the Managing Editor for Fall 2015. This will also be my third and final semester at Talon Marks and Cerrtios College. A little bit about me is that I love video games and music preferably hip hop. When I’m not busy with school I either play some video games or I just listen to music and relax. Twitter: @GresterC
Instagram: @gresterc23
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‘Advanced Warfare’ takes risks that make game fun