Colors and printmaking come together at the Fine Arts gallery


Elizabeth Corcoles

Professors Hagop Najarian and Sergio Teran, curators of new exhibits in the Fine Arts gallery, entertain their guests on opening day. The exhibits include contemporary art on behalf of Najarian and printmaking works from Teran.

Elizabeth Corcoles, Arts and Entertainment Editor

The Fine Arts gallery at Cerritos College opened their doors once again and hosted two different, but equally appealing showcases, one curated by professor Hagop Najarian and another by professor Sergio Teran.

The opening reception on Oct. 30, quickly filled with friends, colleagues and students of both Najarian and Teran.

While timing is everything, the curators seemed to have picked a perfect time to showcase the art gallery; students are getting out of class, fellow colleagues are also done for the night and the evening went along smoothly as Najarian and Teran hosted and entertained their guests.

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Juan Velasquez studio arts major, visits each piece of art work in the Polychromatic Mojo: Color as Content exhibit. The contemporary art can be seen until Dec. 7. Photo credit: Elizabeth Corcoles

Keeping it local, Najarian and Teran selected to showcase artists in the Los Angeles area.

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Artist Linda King, featured in the Polychromatic Mojo: Color as Content showcase, explains her views and what inspires her to paint. King showcased three of her art works, all of which were contemporary paintings. Photo credit: Elizabeth Corcoles

This isn’t Najarian’s first rodeo. Having painted dozens of art piece beforehand, he was able to curate the art showcase Polychromatic Mojo: Color as Content with ease.

Although, Najarian said the difficult part of curating was theming the abundance of art pieces the artists generously gave, together, while being cautious as to not overcrowd the show.

Najarian’s choice of art were paintings, which is fitting, since he recently had a showcase of his own at Rio Hondo College, exhibiting his abstract paintings.

Time and Space: 122 hours of Ink: Work from the Cerritos College Summer Printmaking Residency, curated by Teran focuses on the art of printmaking.

With the residency hosted by Teran, artists are invited to create pieces with the art of printmaking.

Printing is the art of multiples and is essentially making everything by hand and putting it onto paper, said Teran. While it does not incorporate using anything digital, it is a traditional art form.

“The artists we’ve invited are pretty much professional artists. They’re artists who have been around Los Angeles, who have made a name for themselves through art, they’ve worked as gallery artists and museum artists,” said Teran.

The artists Teran had invited to showcase had never done printmaking before and had once attended the residency of printmaking. Thus the work displayed in the art gallery are new works for the artists.

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Jennifer Latorraca graphic design major and Kassandra Garcia art major, in the Time and Space: 122 of Ink, part of the gallery. The exhibit can be seen up until Dec. 7. Photo credit: Elizabeth Corcoles

While many of the artists showcased in the gallery were in attendance. Linda King, being one of them, explained the three paintings that are featured.

Working on several paintings at a time, King starts with pours, (pours are essentially dropping large amounts of paint into a certain spot of the canvas, and then making the pours into shapes and patterns) and edits them into shapes.

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As students gather around Linda King’s painting, she explains to them her process of making paintings. King’s “Apparition” from 2010, was one of her larger paintings. Photo credit: Elizabeth Corcoles

King’s paintings can take up to seven months and her paintings have “developed to be sort of about memory, time, microscopic and the universe.”

Audrey Chan, featured in the Time and Space showcase, had an interesting self-portrait made of silkscreen.

“You know, I haven’t been really doing that many self-portraits, so it was just fun to do it, but it’s actually a silkscreen of a tiny sculpture that I made a few years ago out of sculpting clay,” said Chan as she laughed.

While her focus on self-portraits has passed, Chan is now working on digital murals, which as she explained are, “digitally-produced murals that are then fabricated at a large scale.”

Many of the attendees of the showcase attracted art, design and graphic design majors, and some of which attended the showcase for inspiration.

Monique Edwards, graphic design major and previous student of Najarian, says she came to the art gallery because of her interest in color and seeing how other artists use color.

Polychromatic Mojo: Color as Content and Time and Space: 122 hours of Ink; Work from the Cerritos College Summer Printmaking Residency will continue on at the Fine Arts gallery until Dec. 7.

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Curator of Time and Space: 122 Hours of Ink: Work from the Cerritos College Summer Printmaking Residency showcase, professor Sergio Teran has a chat with one of the many people who came to opening day. The exhibit can be seen up until Dec. 7. Photo credit: Elizabeth Corcoles