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Talon Marks

Action makes ‘Fast Five’ worth watching

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“Fast Five” is ridiculous.  Its plot is absurd, impossible and even asinine.  This being said, it is still a blast to watch.

Through each over-the-top, uber-violent, toilet-exploding, action-filled scene, the movie succeeds in its simple one-dimensional endeavor to give the audience the ultimate “Fast and Furious” experience.

The fifth installation in the “Fast and Furious” series that began a decade ago, “Fast Five” unites the series’ main characters with many of the films’ supporting characters, as they assemble to bring down a Brazilian kingpin while taking all his money.

And, of course, this familiar formula all involves driving really, really fast and dangerously, even though there are much easier methods to accomplishing these things.

Director Justin Lin, who also helmed the past two films in the series, continues to refine and build upon his work with the genre.

Action sequences, insane as they may be, are ingeniously conjured and strung together by Lin to fit into a well-constructed storyboard.

It’s less about pointlessly blowing things up, and more about convincing the audience that these things are necessary if we want our protagonists to succeed in their mission.

So, if they need to drag a huge 10-ton money vault on populated streets with their cars, then so be it.  The chaos that entails sure is entertaining.

There are some unavoidable, glaring faults to the movie, naturally.

Throughout the film characters talk about their longing for a permanent freedom, yet they seem awfully concerned with being rich, too. It just seems a little inconsistent.

The insignificance of the acting almost goes without saying. It largely consists of super-buff macho men and sexy women scowling as they drive and try to accomplish freakish feats.

But, again, this factor is mitigated, if not completely eliminated by the escalating explosiveness through each scene.

So the verdict for “Fast Five” is very simple.  Go for the action; stay for the well-constructed, fast-paced, adrenaline-pumping, absolute bonkers action.

Your brain will filter some of the laughable acting and ludicrous plotline out for you.

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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.
Action makes ‘Fast Five’ worth watching