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Spider Man 2: An experience to remember

Tons of anticipation leading up to Insomniac Games Spider-Man 2, was it worth the hype?
Insomniac Games
Peter Parker and Miles Morales picture from first teaser trailer released by Insomniac Games.

Insomniac Games Spider-Man 2 was a flawless game exceeding the expectations it had before its anticipated release.

The storyline for this game continues 8 months after the events that took place in Spider Man: Miles Morales.

The game starts off with a bang, an incredible mission with Miles and Peter fighting against Sandman and his little sand monsters.

This was a great way to kick off the game as it gives you a feel on how it will be playing as both Miles and Peter throughout the game.

To give this game some sort of criticism it did start off a bit slow in terms of action, a couple missions in the start with tons of dialogue between Harry Osborn and Peter giving you an insight on who the characters are.

It’s a chance for character development so it’s something that I didn’t mind for the most part.

Another slight criticism for the game is that for the first half of the game it was just all Peter and hardly any Miles.

But again, given the fact that they were trying to build the story between Harry and Peter to get you prepared for what was to come it wasn’t that big of a deal.

The story becomes flawless when Harry reveals he has the symbiote power that has kept him alive.

Once he reveals this power the story becomes filled with more action missions and amazing gameplay.

One of the best sagas in the story is when Peter gets the symbiote suit and you start to see the changes in his attitude.

He becomes ruder when he talks and aggressive when he fights and it added tons of suspense and drama to the game that was definitely needed.

The combat moves when Peter gets this suit is great and it just feels like a whole new person like it’s not even Spider-Man and that’s the good thing about it.

The suit is supposed to change him and it does, in terms of storyline it’s a bad thing but gameplay wise it’s what is fans wanted from this suit.

Some of the best missions in this game are the boss fights because for the most part they weren’t easy to beat, and they had tons of emotions in them.

Especially a personal favorite, Miles vs. Peter, Spider-Man vs. Spider-Man, the ultimate showdown.

This fight was Miles ultimately trying to get Peter out of that symbiote suit and it was unforgettable. The dialogue in this fight was emotional and visually it looked great.

The last tree branch of this game is hands down some of the best gameplay you could get in a superhero video game.

When Harry becomes Venom, it gets intense because he feels like a real threat compared to the other villains in the game.

He looks incredible and frightening and his moves are super aggressive and vicious this is the Venom we all wanted when it was revealed he was the main villain in this game.

The final battle between the two spiders and Venom was difficult to say the very least, but it was enjoyable.

It ends on a cliffhanger in a way, the audience not knowing if Harry was going to live or not and an end credit scene with Otto Octavius stating, “the final chapter”.

It also ends with a touching moment, Peter putting the mask down and passing the torch to Miles, giving him the keys to the kingdom.

This was a great experience and would highly recommend people to play this if you can or even watch someone play it.

Visually it looks amazing and the gameplay itself is the best part, this game was definitely worth the hype it received.

Spider-Man 2 gets a 10/10, visually it looks outstanding, the combat is the best of any Spider-Man game ever released, and I cannot wait for the final game of this trilogy to release.

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