The official movie poster of the Netflix original movie “LIFT.” Photo credit: Netflix
The official movie poster of the Netflix original movie “LIFT.” Photo credit: Netflix

“LIFT” lifted no one’s expectations

The Netflix Original movie “LIFT,” came out on Jan. 12, 2024, and it was a movie that just didn’t make a lot of sense.

While the action sequences of the movie weren’t bad and were enjoyable the plot didn’t make sense.

Out of 10 stars the movie gets five out of 10 because it wasn’t terrible but it most certainly wasn’t great.

The movie starred Kevin Hart who played the criminal mastermind, Cyrus Whitaker, who led his group of thieves to steal art and prevent it from landing in the wrong hands.

Agent Gladwell an INTERPOL agent played by Gugu Mbatha-Raw, was tasked with taking down Whitaker until INTERPOL needed his help to take down Lars Jorgenson, who is planning a terror attack with a terror group so he profits from it through stock manipulation.

The goal is to prevent Jorgenson from sending a gold payment to the terror group that helped him terrorize London, England for his own monetary gain.

“LIFT,” feels like it’s all over the place, the writing for this movie was not good and disappointed many fans of a good action heist movie.

Critics and moviegoers nearly thought alike with their ratings of “LIFT.” Critics rated the movie 32% on the rotten tomatoes scale and moviegoers rated it 33%.

Many movies nowadays feel like no effort is being put into them which makes them feel like cookie-cutter layouts of older but similar movies.

That’s what describes “LIFT,” perfectly, it’s a copy-and-paste type of movie where the writing, acting, and storytelling were just weak.

The movie fails to garner its own identity, it lacks uniqueness which is what stuck out like a sore thumb.

Predictable is another great way to describe the movie because you can just tell what may happen in the coming scenes.

It’s one of those movies that if you were to skip to the final mission scenes of the film you wouldn’t have missed much.

Quite frankly the movie isn’t good enough for you to watch the whole thing so skipping to the end isn’t a terrible idea for this movie.

In the end, they were of course able to stop Jorgenson from getting the gold and there was also a predictable twist as well.

The gold was supposed to land in the hands of INTERPOL but Whitaker and his team switched the real gold for fake gold and kept the real gold.

Netflix originals are always either boom or bust, never in between, and in this case, it was a bust for sure.

All around just a boring movie that had the potential to be so much better if the effort was actually put into it.


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