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Premiere of Coffee Break: Tom Brokaw Rude Comments

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0:01 Keanu: Good afternoon. Welcome to coffee break I am your host Keanu Ruffo Eunice: my name is Eunice Barron

Derrick: my name is Derrick Coleman

Keanu: and say we’re going to be talking about the rude comments that Tom Brokaw had to say about Hispanics

0:16 Keanu: Derrick did you want to inform us what’s going on what’s going 0:19 Keanu: on? Derrick: yeah 0:20 like I was thinking we’re supposed to talk about this a couple weeks ago Tom Brokaw he basically was talking about Hispanics and blacks

0:30 Derrick: and you know it’s 0:32 Derrick: his comments are very what’s the word for 0:37 Derrick: that very ignorant 0:41 Eunice: for me personally I think it’s a very ignorant statement what he said yeah like no doubt about it 0:48 Keanu: I think it’s very strong he made it seem like that all Hispanics are trying that they’re all just sitting back at home on the couch not doing anything there have there’s a lot of Hispanics trying to achieve the American dream you know they they’re fighting and fighting for their respective 1:11 Keanu: he thinks that it’s 1:14 Derrick

one of the quotes that he gave this is I’m quoting him also I hear when I push people a little harder well I don’t know whether I want brown grandbabies I mean that’s also a part of it is that intermarriage that is going on and culture that are conflicting with each other That’s what he said 1:39 Eunice: yes 1:41 Eunice:

my opinion well I was surprised you know he said something like this you know he is one of America’s best known journalist and has won 11 Emmy awards during his career and for him to say something like this How know why you find it to be very well not only offensive perspective us Hispanic 2:01 Eunice surprise

2:03 Eunice: Eunice: yeah I would expect him to be more professional more you know more knowledgeable about you know all types of ethnic backgrounds so I’m pretty sure he’s a journalist he’s 2:16 Eunice: apparently yeah very high This is to me this is very ignorant to see that 2:23 Keanu: yeah well after he after he caught the attention of a lot of Hispanics 2:30 Keanu: he apologized Sunday night saying felt terrible a part of his comments on a Spanish and how it’s been to some members of the prowl culture 2:40 Keanu: that is professional to do but you know I don’t know what possessed him to make him say that that was common 2:52 Eunice: for an MSNBC 2:56 Eunice: MSNBC he robot was the organizer President and Senior Producer 3:04 Eunice: company and he said that were very like what on what he said about words on the statement that Hispanics are no less American for embracing the country of origin or that their ancestors being by cultural and by the way, it’s a stranger in increasingly multi ethnic multilingual society and I 3:24 Eunice

Quote you know actually very agree what Mr. Butler said it’s very

3:33 Eunice: good I say very 3:35 Eunice: agree I agree I’m pretty sure for most of us can agree as well yeah 3:42 Eunice: and experienced journalists to say this yeah 3:46 Eunice: it’s devastating because we’re very 3:48 Keanu: cool he says that usually keeps things like that to himself so I don’t know why we know like again what made him decide to say die or yeah

3:59 Keanu: yeah Derrick:  is is 4:04 Derrick: it’s not the right in the same 4:06 Derrick: especially now where you know the government had to shut down to where Trump is Trump was to build a wall the wall right 4:20 Derrick: yeah 4:22 Derrick: it is this this can they 4:24 Derrick: reminded them they 4:26 remembered

4:28 Derrick: run the king right 4:32 Derrick: color is kind of going back to that you know where 4:36 Derrick: I was society right now is we’re supposed to move forward with supposed to be moving forward and that back 4:44 derrick: yes 4:47 Keanu: and right now we’re back 4:49 Eunice: way back you know why do you think

4:55 Eunice: what do you think it’s the main cause of many pieces these type of statements and you know today 5:01 Derrick: i mean is he’s not the only one 5:03 Eunice: I know you know people like him you know is this person has no 5:10 Eunice: Experience for years years years and I’m to pricing still on the air

5:17  Eunice: yeah 5:18 Eunice: because comments like this one easily

5:21 Keanu no penalty or 5:24 Derrick: Kathy wasn’t the channel from when she was looking at ESPN 5:28 Derrick: oh yeah

5:29 Derrick: she got somebody says 5:33 Derrick:

I think it was for the kaepernick right 5:37 Derrick: attention got fired you know so yeah I mean where is the 5:42 Derrick:

yeah where’s the quality I guess you can say 5:47 Eunice: hey we’re gonna call it 5:51 Eunice Yeah or you know hey you know not right 5:57 Keanu: and even the National Association of Hispanic 6:01 Keanu: journalists data is saying apology was good enough they quoted to serve that the US is not the melting pot of the country prides itself on being is this information as the US has always had immigrants and Misha races religions believe languages in its history 6:23 Keanu: I’m wonder what 6:25 Keanu:

if the apologies I wonder where they want back from Back 6:33 Derrick:n in my book he should have been fired 6:35 Derrick oh yeah yeah 6:36 Derrick: go would be 6:38 Eunice: I think I’m not sure about you know being fired but he should have been called out like like you know what it 6:47 Eunice: should have been like hey like your comments are not nice they’re not you know you’re not you’re not professional come on you know was a journalist who worked for so many years with so many Emmy Awards we would assume yeah or expected you would have known better Derrick: so it yeah 7:08 Derrick: it also look at his age he’s 78 years old 7:12 Derrick: right also think about this look at some of the older politicians it’s the same thing that’s going on right now you know 7:24 Eunice: they came of age by the time

7:27 Eunice: it was It is not like today yeah very diverse there are more and more and more inclusive intersectionality and everything and they are just used to probably one one blue one is not there there’s 7:41 Eunice: they’re still 7:42 Eunice: getting used to probably they can know world up today or in our society today and 7:48 Keanu: they have to have that they can express their opinions like they did back then 7:54 Keanu: I feel 7:54 Eunice: because I love love people lot of ethnicities be offended especially in this comment that he made 8:05 Keanu: me look right. Right. Right after that interview many Hispanics one on Twitter and started a backlash. Yeah. 8:14 Keanu: Can you read us some? Some of those goods 8:18 Keanu: Carolina? Jay Marino, she tweeted, my mom worked harder at learning English than most teams in high school. Foreign language class, I’m fluent in Spanish and English major French as a Portuguese maybe the US to try our hardest assimilate into global society.

8:38 Derrick: So I’m not gonna feel with that. Especially me coming from a different country. Oh, yeah. Yeah, you know, I mean, when I came to the United States, I came from Costa Rica and I came at a speed team. I did not know English. It took me about two to three years to learn English. Yeah, 8:58 Derrick: so I mean, it’s, it’s Yeah, I agree with that. 9:02 Eunice: You can relate

9:06 Eunice: to think 9:06 Derrick: of what that Eunice well as a daughter of Mexican immigrants, my parents struggle to learn English. Yeah, my mom because my mom was born here. Karen was Angeles but she grew up in Mexico City until the age of 19. So she so she came here to get an education and learn especially English as a 19 year old you know immigrant she was still on immigrants by for you know, being with her birth country, it was difficult she told me that, you know, 9:34 Derrick: different world I Mexican American war were used to one thing, but then here in the United States, completely different. And, you know, society, you can compare, you know, Latin American countries and

9:48 Derrick: cultural you know, countries like the United States. It’s a melting pot. Yes, of course. And she told me, she, she told me that it’s really was it was difficult for her. And I believe her until this day, my dad is trying to protect us to seek his English as much as you 10:06 Derrick: want to give him credit for that, because he’s trying I I see it and also, I help them along. It’s I think it’s important for many people, they need to know despite of them not being here, but they’re still trying 10:17 Derrick:

to live the American life, whatever they want to call it, and language and everything. Yeah, these people don’t know, the struggle behind, you know, from one country to another. So that’s pretty nice to meet 10:31 Derrick: you. How are you experienced that can 10:36 Keanu: I do have 10:39 keanu: my great grandma, she was born in Mexico, and she came over here to for a better life to 10:47 Keanu: have the American dream, right. And it was also hard for her and her family to adapt over here, you know, you know, 10:59 Keanu: all those bad with all the races and back then, you know, they she didn’t want to be here. She wants to go back to Mexico and 11:08 Keanu: there was a lot better but there weren’t a lot of job opportunities then weren’t 11:15 Eunice: It was difficult. (Keanu) Yeah, it wasn’t, it was equal over there. And then she came over here and, you know, all the whites and everything. Yeah, yeah, 11:28 Eunice: it’s surprising to me how this country

11:33 Eunice: was put on the white but, you know, it’s transitioning to a different, you know, different ethnic groups mixing into the country. And it’s, it’s becoming the true melting pot

11:45 Eunice: in the United States. It’s interesting how, you know, we progressively you know, it has changed 11:52 Eunice: so fast.

11:55 Derrick: We probably talk about this a little bit more. 11:58 Eunice: I think we have guests coming up next week. Right? Yes,

12:02 Eunice: yes, her name is Oceana. Christopher, we plan to talk about what the situation that is going on in Venezuela with Nicolas Maduro and the US 12:16 Eunice: diplomatic relations. So, yeah, 12:20 Eunice: it will be coming up soon. Yeah,

12:23 Derrick: that’s that’s coming up next week. And also, I wanted to give 12:29 Derrick: our next podcast which is coming up right after this and exigent expresses come in so keep our eye out for them. And we see you guys next week. 12:40

I’m Derrick . I’m Eunice. Keanu And this is coffee break.


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Eunice Barron, Co-Online Editor
Eunice Barron is a staff writer for Talon Marks and a multimedia journalism major at Cerritos College. She is an entertainment and political media enthusiast. She hopes to transfer to Cal State Fullerton to obtain a bachelor's degree in Journalism and Communications. Her dream job is to be a political journalist for the New York Times, Los Angeles Times or NBC Universal.
Derrick Coleman, Co-Multimedia Editor
Derrick Coleman is the Co-Multimedia Editor at Talon Marks. He was born in San Jose, Costa Rica, where he lived for 15 years before coming to the United States. His goal is to start his own photography business.
Keanu Ruffo, Sports Editor
Keanu Ruffo is a Journalism major and is the returning Sports Editor for Talon Marks news division here at Cerritos College. Keanu plans to transfer to Cal State Long Beach once’s he’s received his AA degree. His career goal is to work for the NFL Network or ESPN.
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Premiere of Coffee Break: Tom Brokaw Rude Comments