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Off The Field Podcast: Jordan Love

Derrick Coleman
“Off The Field” is a podcast dedicated to sports opinions from various writers within Talon Marks. Podcasts are published weekly.

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A guest speaker will be speaking with Rob, Derrick and Luis.
ROB: What’s up you guys? This is Off The Field. I’m Rob Scott.

LUIS: I’m Luis.

DERRICK: I’m Derrick.

TONNY: Tonny Lindsey.

ROB: And today’s topic is we’re talking about Jordan Love getting drafted to the Green Bay Packers. Now personally, I think it was a smart move on behalf of the Packers because you know Aaron Rodgers is 37 years old, he is getting lenient towards his older years. And that’s just pretty much life insurance for the Packers as far as the future.

ROB: As you see that the NFL Draft don’t same age as Aaron Rodgers was drafting him and Aaron Rodgers is the same age as BB was when a draft there Rogers, and I think Aaron Rodgers shouldn’t be too irritated about the fact that they picked the younger quarterback. Me Just the business, any thought team that you look around, they’re going to have a backup quarterback for the future.

ROB: So now it’s Aaron Rodgers’ job as a packer quarterback to either get the job done and stop winning MVP and win Super Bowl rings or step aside and help this young kid become something that he can live up to. what you guys think?

LUIS: Yeah, you’re, you’re spot on. I mean, they need to start thinking toward the future. And I think it’s a natural thing of have been m like employee turnover. I mean, Rogers is getting up there and you need a new guy to take his play.

TONNY: Oh, yeah. I know Jordan personally. So that’s one of my best friends. I was my roommate when I was at Utah State. So, um, yeah, we either knew it was gonna be a Packers, Saints or Tampa Bay. So all those three options were or idea. So coming in we already knew, like either way you go if you get drafted first round or you get drafted mid-rounds, or even late or undrafted, like you’re gonna have to come in and compete anyway.

TONNY: And the guys there the veterans, they don’t care. Like who comes in. Like I know the media will try to start things up and be like, Oh, we tried it out to get them. Well, this, there’s some top quarterbacks there, but like Jordan, like he’s a different type of cat. So if you have a chance to trade up and get them that’s a great deal and it’s not like Green Bay is rebuilding they went to the playoffs they went deep into the playoffs so like what they say in that Aaron Rodgers needs help.

TONNY: Like what? Like you guys are good so like when they say come in a guy coming in and replacing you can’t replace it. Aaron Rodgers you can’t Jordan not going to come in and take it spot like that. He’s going to come in and learn. But he’s going to be ready though, because he’s going to be a game where Aaron Rodgers may get banged up. And that’s when Jordan has to be ready.

ROB: Yeah. So what you also That’s the thing that a lot of people are pushing the narrative that you know Aaron Rodgers is frustrated with his move. If I’m Aaron Rodgers I’m happy with this move. Because that shows that this franchise is about consistency. I mean, you’ve gone from look at the great Packer quarterbacks, we had Bret Starr God rest his soul.

ROB: We have Brett Farve then we have Aaron Rodgers now Jordan love can be that next big quarterback in the Packers franchise history. So I’m Aaron Rodgers. I’m gonna do all I can to help this kid because if I’m a Packer fan, and I’m a packer player, I’m trying to help this city and this team become a multiple Super Bowl winning team. I think they only won what, three or four championships over their franchise span. And, you know, we’ve seen the Patriots what they can do, we’ve seen what the Steelers can do.

ROB: Now it’s time for the Packers to you know, rise up and become a better franchise to surpass the Cowboys in the Niners forest Consistency goes. And I think this is a smart move. And you see on ESPN, a lot of people is not looking to this as you know, a future build rather than, you know what’s now.

DERRICK : Yeah. So let me let me ask you, TJ, I’m here with Jordan. I do. You want to tell us a little bit about that?

TONNY: Yeah, I’m coming in. I was. I was a junior, and he was a freshman. He was an incoming freshman. So he came in, in the spring. He came in early enrolled early, earlier than most incoming freshmen. So when he came in, he was still 17. So we were older than him. He wasn’t even legal.

TONNY: Lila that time so we had to baby really like really babysit them kindness so like us so slight skinny, so he ended up reassuring me My senior year after no Yeah, my senior that was his redshirt freshman year. So at that point, he took a certain job maybe mid season. And then from that point on, we all knew it was gonna be really special at that point and then once I left I graduated. And he, he took over time to a different type of guy grew up like maybe gained like two inches of height and gained maybe like 20 2030 pounds and then it was good.

ROB: So coming as a freshman, what was his maturity level? far you say he guys had to babysit him a lot. I was his maturity level hanging around older guys.

TONNY: Oh, as far as character is good off the charts but we had to base in like football eyes. You had to learn the game because coming in very raw, like he we knew he had on shrinking that we knew he had talent. But getting down to play at that division one level, it can be difficult for it was even difficult for me to first come in there. And yeah, we had to just get them up to speed gamma playbook. And then once he figured that out, it was off the charts.

LUIS: So what was the first moment that occurred that you saw in him and thought, Oh, man, he is the real deal.

TONNY: I’m really in practice, Mike, we go. We battle a lot in practice. And if you can really show your talent, I really compete in practice. We know like, you’re ready for the game. So I think it was maybe Be I would say that spring of my senior year, he was really like show he took reps with the first team. And he was really right beside me. So I’m really just getting them ready. The coaches played that we had there at Texas Tech right now they did a good job of getting him ready. And basically, it was just his confidence once he had the confidence and then, you know, there’s gonna be special.

ROB: You mentioned that, uh, the three things that we’re looking to draft him, it’s ultimi those three teams have the greatest quarterbacks in the league right now far as the Buccaneers with Tom Brady. My New Orleans Saints are Drew Brees, and then the Packers were Aaron Rodgers. What was Jordan loves excitement level when he found out that he could be possibly joining with, you know, three, for sure Hall of Fame future Hall of Famers.

TONNY: I mean, it’s always excited to dream come true. It doesn’t matter what team you go to. But either way he’s no come in and compete anyway. Whether it fits the dolphins Anyway, my coats I really want him to join my coats but uh it was it was a good situation for him Okay.

ROB: so you mentioned your coats How do you like the move with Phillip rivers as their quarterback for at least a year.

TONNY: I’m iffy about it.

ROB: I personally I personally liked Jacoby percent more. I think he was more fitting towards that offense that you guys have over there you guys are more like a dual threat offense. I see. A lot of times I don’t think Philip Rivers could you know run the ball as well as Jacoby brissette was running with it. He’s more nicer, more stagnant to towards that pocket passer type offense. Right. Your thoughts about the transition from become an actual threat a team to now just become a pocket passer or run the ball type thing.

TONNY: Well the thing is, Philip Rivers is the best fit for us right now because he’s a pocket passer and he has that experience and that leadership that we need to win now. And what helped him was our what we drafted. So I like john Taylor, like a dog, and then he’s gonna come in and help. Marlin Mac. So that’s one great one two punch right there. And then we picked up force, Buckner D toggle and free agency and then yeah, we won’t be able to pound the rock, so it’ll be good.

ROB: Okay, and we also see that your Colts got a new jersey tweak. What are your thoughts as a kid growing up being a Colts fan? Did you always like your jerseys or like this new tweak because firstly, I didn’t like the closer I think they’re a little stale, but I think they could do a lot more with it. What are your thoughts about that?

TONNY: Uh, yeah, growing up I was I played for Carson codes. So ever since then I’ve always been a fan of the coats and I love when they had Aaron James Peyton Manning, Reggie lane all of those guys. Even Bob Sanders was one of my favorite players. Yeah, as far as the jerseys, I always love the blue, blue and white. I think it’s a classic. And but the new ones I haven’t seen the new ones.

ROB: Yeah, they have like a that see they have on it is like the shape of Indiana on the inside of the sea. And they got like a horseshoe, you know, the circles around it. It’s a little tweak. It’s still the same jersey. You know, that we all know about Sam’s traditional jersey. Just small little tweaks they made about it.

TONNY: Was that great? Huh? Yeah, that’s nice. I kinda like the stripe though. The classic Shai better.


ROB: So, Louis growing up what’s your team? modern NFL teams.

LUIS: All right. So me I was the niners fan as a kid. I mean, growing up watching Merton Hanks and Steve Young and seeing all love, Gary Of course and just seeing them but a project down the field that was capable of going deeper every year. Back then was exciting for me. And well, oh and Dion, how could I forget? But yeah, I mean watching Merton watching him do his dances says on the way then and sound watching Deon Sanders name and one’s exciting.

ROB: Okay, so Derrick, your brother’s a Colts fan. Did you grow up in a close fan or did you like another team?

DERRICK: cowboys?

ROB: cowboys? Yeah. Okay, what you liked about the Cowboys?

DERRICK : Was everything. I mean. Let me see. I think when Tony Romo was quite a bit lately, and that was when he was in his prime Okay, you know, and then seek another one, you know?

ROB: Okay, so everybody should know my favorite team is the New Orleans SaintI gotta admit, I was a charter fan growing up. Because you know, that was the closest team to Los Angeles when I was a kid. And I remember playing Madden 2005 and I played with the Chargers in the quarterback at the time with Drew Brees. And ever since then I’ve been a big Drew Brees fan and I heard that he got that injury as a kid and I heard that the Chargers just let them go to the saints. I was so serious after charges let go good quarterback.

ROB: So I ended up hightail into the saints and I’ve been a saints fan ever since 2006 or seven I want to say whenever he went to the saints I’ve been a fan ever since. And I think he’s probably one of the most underrated quarterbacks in the league history. Far as he knows Get as much credit as he really deserves. He’s to me he’s a top 10 quarterback of all time. I mean, call me biased or not, I mean, who’s gonna be more consistent and his completion percentages and yardage and touchdowns and understand the league is about getting the ring. But as we all could admit football’s a it’s pretty much three teams within one team far as the other special teams, you have a defense and you have an offense. Drew Brees office has always been great as we all can agree. The defense side of the ball never been great for the saints.

DERRICK: here. So let’s let’s let’s flip the script TJ. So last year, you were coaching at Wilson and now this year you’re going to be coaching at cerritos What do you think is going to be the difference.

TONNY: as far as coming in from high school, to now you’re in college, to really get those guys prepared. We’re like we’re like Marios as far as off the field, but um even recruiting that’s that’s one of the biggest difference high school you can’t really recruit like that. And yeah right now just recruiting and now with this Coronavirus right now it’s pretty difficult to recruit but we’re still trying to do what we can help our players stay safe.

LUIS: so does that involve being in a lot zoom conferences with the inner feeling player exam recruiting.

TONNY: No right now we can’t do any face to face recruiting. So all of our recruiting is nice basically phone calls and texting and social media and stuff like that. But as far as our players, you know, we can communicate with them. We stay on top of them, see how they’re doing, how their families going. And, you know, just getting them updated on things.

ROB: So what is your expectations and goals for learning from the Cerritos football coach?

TONNY: Head Coach?

ROB: No like what is your goals? Learning from the head coach at Cerritos as far as like, do you want to take this as far as possible? Possibly an NFL job? Or you know, be a head coach of a college? Either community or university? Go What? What do you want this to lead towards?

TONNY: Oh, yeah, definitely. I want to coach done. Right now I think scenarios is a good prep for me. I I’m learning from a lot of coaches that are there then known as staff for maybe a decade now. A coach might Rather than coach with my runner they coached me when I was there. They helped me get recruited so especially my family on that on that and then I think they’re gonna read me well.


ROB: so we’re going to transition to the NBA. NBA is looking forward to a start-up their facilities reopen to the teams that whatever state allows them to reopen. What do you guys think about that move far as reopening and possibly starting in league, the NBA needs a backup.

LUIS: I’m all boring. I’m the same with baseball. I’m all for it. And they do stay with men their own state guidelines.

DERRICK: You, I think the NBA is going to the NBA Commission’s gone have a phone call with all the NBA players tomorrow. So hopefully we’ll see. You know, at least let’s get the playoffs going.

LUIS: yeah, yeah, hopefully.

TONNY: we can start up here once everything calms down. But um, I don’t know. I don’t know. I can’t really predict it takes a second day by day but I hope, hopefully we can. They can perform and give the fans what they want what we want.

ROB: Yeah. For me, I’m on the other side of the fence. I, I’m still thinking like, man, there’s still a lot of people you know, who are being deceased to this pandemic. I think the number one thing we should be worried about is the NBA players and I’m sorry that I sound like that. But you know, they’re multi-millionaire. NBA players, they’ll be okay about missing their season. Yes.

ROB: Do I want to see the Lakers win the championship this year? Of course, I want to see it as soon as possible. But if we’re going to have people still dying in, you know, why do we need to resort to this right now as far as you know, they can be as patient as we are. And we are people struggling losing their jobs, and these players are multimillionaires who can easily be okay. At least for a year. Yeah. Yeah.

LUIS: But, I mean, I know that it won’t be within the stadium with man. So. I mean, how does that dynamic missing work? We’ll lay in bed The player.

ROB: exactly that’s one thing to reason why you know more lenient to not reopen in it yet because I want the fans there you know is some magical moment uh you know, boo or cheer is the reaction is everything for a sports you like we said a couple podcasts ago you’re in your backyard you’re throwing that last touchdown you’re shooting that last shot you’re not gonna last all mine was the number one standard Thank you make you make the sound of the fans and without that the dream is not there. I mean yeah you can be an NBA player. That means just like a quiet scrimmage. I will say avoid pipe scrimmage. What do you guys think Rob?

DERRICK: I, I totally agree. I mean, this has to come somewhere where once all this is over, then you know it’s time to go this you know Think that kind of thing that’s what the NFL is gonna do you know once you put out your schedule.

ROB: I’ll tell you this though that first game back is gonna be crazy.


ROB: So you said you went to Wilson High School I’m on Long Beach kid myself. I went to Georgia high school and I Chester the paramount. And I been watching Wilson from the distance through the 562 dot org, which was a What are they used to be called? Is that sports? Yeah, you guys had a pretty good a program over there at Wilson Uh, well let you guys have been coming up successful.

TONNY: Oh, yeah. Last year. Historic season. Oh, no. Oh, no, really. I mean, we are coming in, we didn’t really predict we didn’t even know it was gonna be that good. coming in. But then because the when they see like a guy that then do it such as myself. I think the hunger comes, comes even more like they want to really like gravitate to me. And they really look up to me. And then I think that little edge held, but overall coaches did a great job of getting them ready.

TONNY: But yeah, I think they use some of it as motivation. So I was just looking up to me, though Yeah, they are all of our coaches did a great job of getting them ready. But our players had some special they had we had a lot of talent, and they listened. That was the main difference between from last game and the years I was there. We didn’t we weren’t scared that that was that was the main difference.

ROB: So let’s go into Wilson because we all have people who benta Wilson before I played in the gymnasium, schools only good for swimming and water polo, we mostly see that they’re great champions in swimming. But not so far as you know, football, basketball, baseball size. So we’ll let you go into their knowing that you had a big challenge coming up ahead.

TONNY: We don’t really work or compare ourselves to other sports. I mean, we just do our own thing because it’s hard to compare ourselves to our water polo teams. So we just take a year by year and we just wanted our mangoes to make us your season to remember. And we knew we had the Townsend giveaway and our main thing was trying to be poly. Yeah, number one.

ROB: Yeah. Well,

TONNY: short of that goal, but at least had a great season. I think That last playoff game, even just getting to the playoffs even get into the second round of playoffs is something special.

ROB: So you said you talk I’m sorry, Derrick. What?

DERRICK: So this, um, transition to something, maybe we’ll have you back next week with you guys. Okay, yeah, I know that’s gonna be our final probably get someone to that next week. Um, I know that last season that was so you were inducted into the Hall of Fame. You want to think about that a little bit and then we’ll transition.

TONNY: Yeah. I never predict predicted to be an all-day and I knew that wasn’t even like a goal of mine. But yeah, it was an honor. The coaches there were great. The sons are in that. I think it didn’t really hit me until I walked in the gym. And there’s the Hall of Fame plaques on the wall and then Just to see mines is really, special, you know? I think, like my friends always say like, I don’t really get excited for things like that, but they had to like really like, you know, made me realize like, dude, you’re your kids don’t walk in one day and look at.

LUIS: your flag. Like that’s-

TONNY: something you can’t take away. So, yes, very special.

ROB: That’s a great honor right there. You know, I’m all for I’m a Long Beach kid. So I’m all for lobby’s success. And I could say you could did a great job well, awesome, because, you know, when I was in high school, not a lot of people was really paying attention to that high school. And for me growing up to my college years, I kept hearing noises about Wilson High Schools making noise and the football team did a great job. I’ve been hearing it from the distance.

TONNY: Appreciate that. Appreciate it.

LUIS: Yeah, thing here and as growing up in my teen years in Long Beach, it was all of boards. Everyone had their press towel like Graham, reading a bond in and Manx, perhaps was the website go to and and I mean yeah, it’s a good look a great look for you and for the family like they’ll see the flag and they’ll find motivation. If he did then why not me and how badly they can It could be rain. I’m nothing but Coleman’s in the next few generations.

ROB: Okay, so we’re going to wrap this up. last thoughts you guys. Any last thoughts? last quote anything?

TONNY: Oh no, thanks for having me. I appreciate it.

ROB: Our pleasure.

LUIS: Thank you.

ROB: Alright guys, this has been Off The Field. I’m Rob Scott.

LUIS: I’m Luis Lemus.

DERRICK: Derrick Coleman.

TONNY: Tonny Lindsey.

ROB: We will see you guys next week.

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