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2020 Election talk with Oscar: Architecture major Matthew Rodriguez

Oscar: Alright and can I get a name and Occupation?

Matthew: Alright hello, I am Matthew Rodriguez and I am currently a college student studying architecture.

Oscar: To start off this interview, What was your initial reaction when you found out that Joe Biden will be the one chosen by democrats to go against Trump in the election.

Matthew: You know I actually thought he was the optimal choice I know there was a lot of support for Bernie sanders but I was pretty happy that Joe Biden won cause I stood with him the whole time.

Oscar: Was Biden your first choice to represent the presidential candidate for democrats?

Matthew: Yeah I’m more of a moderate person when it comes to politics and I feel like I align a lot with Joe Biden so he was my first and optimal pic for democrats

Oscar: And how do you feel about trump wanting to go back to doing physical debates now that he got out of the hospital but he may potentially still have COVID-19, do you feel like he should stay and doing virtual debates or should it even go to physical debates?

Matthew: No. If they’re doing the next debate which I heard there probably not going to do they need to do it virtually they cannot do a physical debate for the next one. He has had COVID-19 for less than 2 weeks now and he has not come up with a negative test yet or at least he has not announced it therefore they cannot do a physical debate.

Oscar: How do you feel about him infecting all of his key people in the white house, his secretary of state, and everyone else?

Matthew: Well, it just shows that they didn’t take the precaution and the fact that COVID19 got into one of the most secured places in the country just shows how mismanaged our government has handled the Coronavirus situation.

Oscar: You feel like republicans should step away from the white house and democrats move in?

Matthew: No, I do not agree with that whatsoever. Our country needs to have multiple takes on politics, I do not believe that it should be a one-party system at all whatsoever. there needs to be a form of balance in power and honestly, I feel like there’s a lack of third party too so I mean we just need more takes on our politics and our policies. I know people might view republicans as like “Oh there Trump’s party” or whatever. But like the fact of the matter is that the basics of republicans is that they just wanna have a lawful approach hands-off approach and let the people decide. But I know there are few people, few republicans that aren’t necessarily the best but that doesn’t define all republicans.

Oscar: Alright and moving on to Vice Presidents, what are some positives and negatives you see in both Mike pence and Kamala Harris.

Matthew: I feel like they both equal opposition to one another. From what I saw from the vice-presidential debates they managed to defend their ticket mate you know Kamala defending Biden and Pence defending Trump. I feel like Pence had the edge over Kamala Harris in that debate too, he managed to defend Trump on a lot of controversial topics and cornered Kamala in a lot of situations as well. And I feel like it kinda reassured to a lot of Trump supporters or people that are on edge that there is a calmer side to the Trump administration which was Mike Pence.

Oscar: What are some key takeaways that you want to discuss about the vice presidential debate that happened last week? From key things to the fly.

Matthew: (Laughs) Well, number one the fly was on Mike Pence’s head. No, but aside from that honestly the main thing I can take away from this is that they’re both fair opponents from one another and that debates can be handled respectfully. It’s a completely different contrast from the first presidential debate. There is still some hope in America, these debates can still be handled with integrity and respect to one another.

Oscar: If you were in a room with a bunch of independent voters who still do not know who to vote for. What would you say to them about their decision?

Matthew: I would tell undecided or independent voters to vote on the candidate that would benefit the soul of the nation that would benefit one another meaning like everybody in the country not just one specific party or person or group of people. And to vote for a person who has values that align with theirs and just to be careful in who they vote for, but at the same time, it’s their vote their choice which is why I love this country its cause we get to make these decisions and that’s the beauty of it. So it’s their choice ultimately just find the candidate that matches closest to your values and go ahead and vote for them.

Oscar: After the November 3rd election Trump is saying that they want it to be fair if not then he’ll going to still be locked in the white house. Do you feel like that it could happen and what do you think will happen if Trump loses the election?

Matthew: If Donald Trump loses the election by a small margin I feel like it’s going to go down to the whole scenario that happened with Bush where they have to do a whole recount and it went up to the supreme court which ultimately decided who won the election. And this whole thing will last out a couple of extra days maybe even a month after especially cause its mail-in-ballot I feel like Donald Trump will criticize the mail-in ballot and say that the whole election is a fraud. But if it is by a large margin or a sweep or something I feel like Donald Trump will just accept it the results. But regardless he will be stubborn about it but I feel like eventually, he will give up his seat in the white house if he does lose.

Oscar: Going to ballots before the last question, do you feel that ballots are beneficial or is it better to do it physically or by mail?

Matthew: Personally, I’ve been doing Like a ballot drop off by mail and I just go and drop it off but I feel like personally, I feel like it’s better to fill out your ballot at home. Cause it gives you time to do your research on each of every single proposition and learn about the candidates. But once again it’s ultimately up to the person and how they feel its best for them I personally feel that mail-in voting is safe but if the person doesn’t feel safe then go ahead and go vote physically. I know that right now we’re going through a pandemic so when you do go please socially distance and wear a mask and just be cautious.

Oscar: Last question, What would you say to both Democratic and Republican voters before the results of the 2020 election on November 3rd?

Matthew: So to all Democrats, Republicans, Independents, Moderates, anybody in any party vote on the person who you feel like matches closely to your value and who will benefit the nation as a whole. It’s ultimately your vote, your choice so go out there be safe vote and do what you can to help the country.

Oscar: Alright, and where can we find you on social media or video?

Matthew: You can find me on Twitter @MattDotDisney and on Youtube you can find me at Matthew!

Oscar: Alright thank you so much for participating in this interview

Matthew: Thank you.



Video Edit by Rebecca Aguila

Transcription by Oscar Torres

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2020 Election talk with Oscar: Architecture major Matthew Rodriguez