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Hindsight 2020 Art Gallery unboxing: Exploring the Age of Apocolypse

Oscar: Hello Cerritos College faculty members and students. My name is Oscar Torres. I am the Art’s & Entertainment editor for Talon Marks and today I will be taking a look at the Hindsight 2020 “dispatches from the edge of Apocalypse”. Now, this is an art gallery. Yeah, the Cerritos College Art Gallery. And it’s been hosted by James MC Devitt and all these wonderful artists here. So a big shout out to them. If you want to take a look at it, I recommend looking them up. So I’m, what this is we’re going to be doing an unboxing are going to be exploring, each art and see what they look like. So again, wow, a lot of stuff in here inside the box Cerritos College art gallery as the same thing. And again, you can get your own art gallery, all you need to do is email the James McDevitt go to the Cerritos website and look up his name and lookup for his email or phone number and call him or message him saying that you want to get a hindsight box, you can do that and all you need to do it just go to either this Sunday or the following Sunday, from 2 to 4 pm right in front of the fine arts building in Cerritos College and you’ll be able to acquire your own box. So let’s take a look at here. This one is from Elana Mann, I’m sorry I, again I am sorry if I pronounced all these names wrong. I’m not sure with some languages. So let’s just take a look is Elana Mann and say’s here quarantine performance scores. Composed by Elana Mann. Oh, these are cards for these are cards bonus. Oh, that’s interesting. Boundary May 23rd, 2020. Find….. find the edge of the boundary and maintain them with loving care. That’s pretty nice. game the game of social distancing chicken. So all of these are just like the quarantine performance scores. See what you do. During like quarantine, I actually like that it’s pretty unique. And I give props to the artists. I feel like she did a pretty good job or going to public play.

OSCAR: Yeah, I really like these performers scores shows how much you need to how much you did in quarantine. It’s easier to do the process in which I like. I’d give props to them is backed up by the container.

OSCAR: And this is from Jacqueline Bell Johnson on this very good package is being this one. And it is an- Oh, it’s a little cute mask. That’s adorable culture of lies. Miniature massive near a mouse a day keeps the plague away. An astonishing reminder of the COVID-19 contrary of the year 2020 this month is adorned with the text captured from the mouth and prominent voices during a turbulent time globally and in particularly heated election season in the United States. Nice. I really like seeing not only the theme of this box, but the COVID-19 pandemic are what are his thoughts on what they can do to create arts based on the pandemic I really liked the interesting concept of what are each artist can do.

OSCAR: This is from Chester Vincent Toye. Let’s take a look at this is a big one looks like a letter.

OSCAR: And this is all that’s nice. It’s like a note from the Notes app from your iPhone is really cute. I don’t know if you guys can look at it. But is this look? Is this your should I’ve been thinking about it but I’m too scared to say it out loud. And he says I don’t know if I have to say that word. I don’t want to say that word. And laying down we knew the system was a strong word. be surprised when the referee continues. Trump is smart. We help keep him relevant. Why are we shocked and all rich when he says anything? What are we expecting? Again, it goes on and on about what we want to say, well, we’re just scarcely alone. And I really liked it. I mean it’s really it’s really interesting concept. For me, I wouldn’t say any of those a few hours any of those words roll around like race I respect each and every one of you. Really interesting concept, And Says right here is a letter from like a letter from James Mcdevitt Hindsight 2020 says here, “your final date the year 2020 has come to pass. it might therefore seem inappropriate December what purposes, opportunities and this year one is in.” Basically, it’s just a letter to from James about like, what they what they feel about the pandemic and what artists are doing, which is a nice thing to do. So you can look at it once you open the box, you can see all the artists who have taken part of this every night now it’s really cute.

OSCAR: And here’s one from Alison Stewart. Alison Stewart. This looks like an actual art piece. Like like art fully is not it’s a bunch of hunting gears, backpacks, scissors oh oh, oh okay, I see what it says there so what it is is like here’s like what people like protesters usually wear and then here we see like the while we actually see for photos of protesters up here we have a game clip picture of I don’t know where this place is I don’t recall being here before Wow, I see lots of I see lots of graffiti lots of grass here and here. Inside I don’t know what this place is like an actual battle the battle I don’t know what battles This is from. I feel like it’s a civil war. I don’t know I correct me If im wrong but, I do feel like it’s part of a civil war. Allison Stewart if you’re watching this video who you let me know what the what this battle is and like what’s the context behind it? It cause it’s very interesting. I want I would like to hear more about it, from you from like, sounds like the mouth of the artists.

OSCAR: Here we have Conrad Ruiz is missing and seems here it is another oh Whoa Whoa Whoa Wow this is no this looks really nice. Look, he looks really beautiful. I don’t know if I’m awesome this winter. This looks really nice. I like how the art looks though. This seems to be like though. Oh, like fires are the protesters like riots or something going on? I don’t know if it is. It looks to me like firefighters loosen up our Friday. What is fire does look like? Oh no, I was wrong. It is like the riot police. Like the SWAT team. And over here we have like a protester showing like the different characteristics of the event. The receiver protesters here like speaking what their words are doing. I don’t know what this would be doing like swatting fires. And here we have like a SWAT team doing damages to people. I don’t know what.

OSCAR: But no, that’s the case. Interesting. Or in life, colors. The theme behind it really is a unique content. Unique or nice concept. Very common. Here we have one from Thinh Nguyen. And she’s here isn’t it? Although it says here, America, I America we can breeze. And we have a picture of when all of this is this is like a trophy with like the hand gesture doing the hand gesture. I don’t know what kind of hand gesture it is, but that’s really nice. And over here we have the normal. This is supposed to be this looks like a Now when I know that it does, and I don’t know what I’m trying to symbolize this in from the artist can let me know what it is in the comments. And I will very much like to hear more about what it is. And then the other side, we have a COVID we have an COVID-19 like art or sculpture. And that was really interesting. I really liked how it looks. As you can see, it looks like he used paper red paper. Kind of looks like roses next to me. And he looks like he use a globe as well. I can see like the globe, the line uses and very interesting to see. But I do like the meaning behind this one as America we can breathe which is basically what’s happening right now. We’re experiencing a pandemic and America doesn’t like our leaders. Our president doesn’t feel like he’s listening. We’re receiving people dying from this disease and he’s not doing anything about it. I feel like a person should do more than that. That’s what I feel.

OSCAR: And here we have oh wait, I forgot to say who belongs to it belongs to over is created by Dominic Dominic Quagliozzi go see I’m sorry if I pronounced your name wrong. Dominic Quagliozzi I’m sorry, again, I’m so sorry if I pronounced it wrong. But here we have a lot more these are not our true archipel Same for the bodies are not arguable. Here we have the American flag in a different color scheme that we usually see. This looks to me like why these are not artful I again, I don’t even know the meaning behind the thing but I kind of feel like what he’s trying to mean is America these bodies are human beings and they should be respected and they shouldn’t try to take care of us rather than to die. I don’t know if that’s a real concept of art. And that’s how I feel like it’s supposed to represent again art is can be subjective, it can mean so many things to many different people. That’s how I see.

OSCAR: this is from Narsiso Martinez- Narsiso Martinez and this looks to be another picture. So basically wondering what he or, so were dealing with this starts with me like it’s for real representation of both like the African American community as well. As giving is giving our day this looks like to be a day of the den on the other metals coming as well as you can see like the arts in the rain, broke in the left repeat sense like they really liked them. And over here we have like the African American with a underneath around fresh vegetables. There’s those in the Caribbean baskets or metal baskets are supposed to be representing like how they were back then.

OSCAR: But over here we see again we seen the all the different colors are like blank color. This looks more like a gray black and white color than the he used in this and I read in like how like the whites are all around a shaker point. Islam is supposed to represent like Not clear message but to us we It is a very clear message to what we’re experiencing with all with the community and feeling that their lives really do matter and I agree

OSCAR: with what God is supposed to represent and or here we have another one another picture by Michele…. Michele Jaquis, oh thats cute. you this looks to be like a Halloween costume let’s see he’s a Green Ninja I don’t know what this ninja supposed to be maybe Scorpion from Mortal Kombat but-


OSCAR: there we have a picture of a girl I don’t know who this is, I don’t know if the artists or the mother and this must be like a look between the chest burner from alien or anyway so what this is supposed to be like a Halloween type of art piece and what it says right here it says some different languages right here “Estamos Ake” a key and here it says never again you got my soul and all these different languages so those represent language they don’t want to experience like maybe a Halloween they don’t want to experience a Halloween where you can go out and I really feel like we need to do better as a say as a country to at least get this out of control to make sure our we can celebrate the holidays with our friends and family members.

OSCAR: This is art from Stephanie Mei Huang this, yeah Stephanie Mei Huang, and let’s take a look at what this is.

OSCAR: Wow, it’s a gentleman who seems to be like a This looks like a pamphlet

OSCAR: it is a pamphlet. This is supposed to represent like the Chinese. The train- train a man has cheated I guess. He received like, a picture of a Spanish man

OSCAR: with me saying a Chinese man and I don’t know what this is really like a I don’t know what this guy on the left supposed to represent. I seem to be like a big family. And if we open up we have more clear message “the Chinaman got them all in a good humor by performing several of his clever sight in hand tricks.”

OSCAR: On Here we see the big like, right here. I can read a little bit to you guys. “Returning to the notion of the foul lump what is not also known considering is the foul lump was not ingesting but all of the way been there. What is it to be conceived from the foul lump What is it to have never spoken without the presence of the founder of the cowgirl avatars body in the West is entrenched in a long history of marginalization Orientalism and other rising her materialization in the West as far as the body are transferred to the CA, California in this regard agency for the Calvo Avatar and other radical surgery has always been articulated and spoken over in retaliation relation to to and situated by the fall along.”

OSCAR: is a very interesting, and it’s more things here see, but I feel like it’s an interesting read. You want to take a look at I recommend giving them the box next Sunday or this Sunday. And the number one is advertising. Also, this seems to be very interesting. Stephanie, really like it.

OSCAR: Here’s one from Michael Hanson and this we see, nothing seems to be another country of sorts. It’s your story It’s called The Invisible Man 2119 section 2 Escape Yourself by Michael Harrison this looks to be like a post this has been like the future a source on the cover from section one “you’re sitting to soak in here’s the last two scannable IDs they were the number four profitable RF gentlemen back and forth more alive than dead for once I was ready to disappear into the night as far away” as I read the pages the story or look at the pictures I know it seemed like a really big events that has happened in the world why would like the militia go and then we have people wearing masks and non social distancing. Happy more masks and some pictures where people wear masks and sometimes people don’t very interesting like ours that we see here. And everything like what is trying to portray in the story. Well, that’s really interesting. I read I’m actually on my phone. Take a look at it after recording. Well, again, I do like the messages and the article we see in these in this boss around very curious to see what others can do next year.

OSCAR: Here we have an article with Christy Roberts Berkowitz… Berkowitz to see another, oh it’s another pamphlet. What is this? Oh, that’s interesting. There’s a QR code right here. That’s on only what is

OSCAR: what I want to show them when I scan it. Says here “colonizer loves the gaze is canceled vacation kisses surveillance capital surveillance. I am in a state of minus exhales never looked back in the mirror stages smash to see that you are not fascism. Both mustard and a common dream run by the armed sheds wearing uniform and so I put the roots of natives a blockade of activated charcoal to ward off toxins and the roots of the lion’s mane here we see like an art prints interesting green ever seen like two times one to your flower the other to be like a rash?” I don’t know the context behind this con. I feel like it’s supposed to represent like the common laser thing from the short green. I don’t know but very interesting. Again, I always like to see like artists from other people seeing what their different viewpoints are in life like the very great things about art you get to create what you want to create and is in your vision.

OSCAR: There we have an artist from Badly Licked Bear that’s not I’m not kidding kidding. It’s called the person who made this is Badly Licked Bear I don’t know if this is a name that he uses to not use his real name or he doesn’t want to use his room maybe because I don’t know I really really like to get to know like somebody artists and talk about their real points of what their story is. But here we have a seems to be -be like a comic or story. Oh, well it’s actually is a comic called by the hindsight 2020 vision and the American dream. “Emma’s really sure it’s really hard to man’s body is. man’s body is naked and verbal explosive assault is to every assault with care and coming he may be able to find out things which come near what it needed to reach him for distance fears, like no rhyme or then uses aliens can know 1960.”

OSCAR: There we have seen it does look like a comic book. Well, I really like the way he introduces the story. “the last piece of American way of life where the last days on American politics. Don’t Believe to anything on the entire tournament anymore. No one who believes in the asteroid either. Now there’s no interest in no TV, internet, no TV. There’s no precedent November 3 2020 never arrived. American Earth lies in ruins this 2020 it is yours zero. Well, this is really traumatizing them yesterday is like Adam serving children from his parents.” You know, you have seen his art is really mind-blowing. A person drew this- this looks. This looks like professional art. strivers and call to and nine marks was posted. And it shows like a representation of the year showing what it was like back then. I mean, it was like now we’ll keep seeing user situations. There’s only one I really liked. Really nice summer oil and we have something in the back reading America 20 years into 21st a war in over a dozen foreign nations and itself. an ecological cesspool battery chemical, poisoned food ruled by a tyrant who reigns with guns and knives. There’s no place for a kid to grow an ounce This is really representing Tony Tony and he’s talking about our leaders. I wouldn’t have known him for saying and we’re all done with this energy.

OSCAR: Here we have art made by Carmen Argote… Argote and seems to be, oh wow. and here we have multiple here’s a picture of yours. gunmen when they were in good love, I don’t know using the hand jet.

OSCAR: Oh, it looks like

OSCAR: it looks like he or she is holding the moon and that’s really nice. I really liked like the storytelling like he’s dressed being he or she I don’t know who Garmin Latina looks like that the person is holding the light with the two-hand with two fingers. Here we have another fixture or he’s doing the same thing only this time in a pan metal pan. It’s really nice I really learned that there we seem to be I don’t know what it is supposed to be this looks to be like a towers. Bear we have a very interesting I don’t know what this is. It looks to me like the thing that you swing when you’re resting. It looks to be the case and then we have like two power lines. But it’s holding electricity like the whole picture of the person holding the lights. It’s really it was really it’s touching things we like it prompts to come in and these are we only have one more left.

OSCAR: This is from Gordon Winiemko I get I’m sorry vernasca name wrong. This is fun. This looks off. We’re supposed to be like graduation. trauma. I don’t know what this is. I don’t want to open this I know there’s nothing inside doesn’t seem to be the case. When I already know there is something in there. For me, it changes all looks to me like a toilet paper. It’s very hard to take out. Wow. And we see like a bunch of Pomorie some sort of like to me enough. What’s wrong? Well, Jesus how far does this go I heard what it says here. ”

OSCAR: Let’s scroll over. replication of capitalism delivers people a video made by Gordon Weber in 2020 Coronavirus delivers you you’re a potential carrier. You are not somebody then the takeaway from this video is on your money is the product of Western industrialized medicine is the takeaway from the classic 1970s video art piece television delivers people which is a homage and a homage to when you are in front of a television capitalism kills. But what has really impacted those communities our economic barriers to health? let’s identify people might also hesitant to point out how Coronavirus has disproportionately impacted marginalized communities. People approved social capital by reinforcing a party that is important in their social sphere. Stay indoors wear face masks, so invest in our affiliation. We believe each other on social media, especially at this current moment when the loudest opposition of mainstream scientific narrative coming from the conservative cap. People who are just fine as liberal, progressive, etc tend to work their subjugation to the medical-industrial complex like a badge of honor. World is a dangerous inhospitable place that’s only from experts can deliver from we give our bodies or to doctors like we take our car to a mechanic, you have a body, you have all the under the power pair. parodic limb you are not somebody that is Coronavirus, as narrative model paradin terminal blade delivers people the medical scientific industrial complex medicine together with scientific constitutes an industry we know that that person as a business to see things in terms of internal sound District Health is not a profit profitable as focused on the external threats.

OSCAR: The model of opportunity for tuna See, the microbe is his opportunity of Western medicine because it makes the most sense to opportunistic people. In traditional Chinese medicine for example, the emphasis is more on maintaining inner balance now I’m taking punitive action against an inviting invading other and yet this is not only a model of disease, we all know that certain diseases are caused by opportunistic microorganisms but it is actually Coronavirus delivers beautiful rice about now we all want to be delivered from the Coronavirus Dam that’s a really deep message about like capitalism and Coronavirus.” Again very interesting creative way to express art something something like this is really good and unique expressive way to express what you feel through art I really more people are like that so I don’t know how to put them back.

OSCAR: But again, this seems seems to be everything yeah, there’s not a lot of this is just some emojis with like the cool toy shows like the reaction about what we feel how we felt during the year.

OSCAR: That’s really nice. I really liked them but again, that seems to be the end of this video I want to thank you all for tuning into and watching this it really means a lot and again if you want to take a look at these artists, yourself that I would recommend you go and email James McDevitt, just look up his name in Cerritos College, or go to Google look up his name and click on his name in Cerritos College. And email him about how you want to get this art and make sure to go by Sunday from two to four either is this Sunday and then next Sunday, with the only time you can get the boxes. But again, thank you all so much for watching. I really mean it and make sure to get take a look at other stories online or any other my colleagues in TalonMarks.com really appreciate it. And so again, stay safe, wear a mask, wear gloves, and make sure you protect your loved ones and see you all next time.

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