Jasmine Gates interview

Samuel Carey

SAMUEL CAREY: During this pandemic how do you feel about people taking the vaccine in particularly black people?

JASMINE GATES: I think its up to the person right so some of us that do not want to take it because of historic reasons and some that do want to take it because they want to be on the safe side. So both of those reasons are valid. I’m personally just waiting for more information, because we just know the country is and what they’ve done the history of what they’ve done as it relates to like medicine and stuff. So I think not just depends on the person like depends on your reasoning. As long as your reasoning is backed by some type of research, then you’re able to make like a, you know, like a good decision on it.

CAREY: Do you think this is a good idea for the black community or should people just turn it down because we don’t know what’s in the vaccine?

GATES: Personally I don’t think this is the best thing for the black community. UI think we should. We should turn it down we should also be more mindful of things as it relates to our health. But like I said if you done your research and you feel like you are persuaded in the right direction and it was best for you and your family then kudos to you.

CAREY: Do you think that there’s more deaths because of black folks taking the vaccine or do you think that’s just a myth?

GATES: More deaths like with black people? Okay well were we are at the top of the charts as it relates to dying from health related issues. Regardless, so that’s not something is moved by the vaccine or COVID. we are always you know what they say when America has a cold black people get pneumonia so were always going to be the even the negative as it relates to our health because just of the health system and the lack of resources for black people and like health and stuff, so I don’t I… don’t think the vaccine… it could be because of the vaccine but were always going to get the short end of the stick when it come to heart related things.

CAREY: Will you be taking the vaccine?

GATES: No. I decided not to so…