ASCC Senate Election results


Patrick Dolly

A Cerritos student casting his vote at the Social Science patio. The ASCC Senate elections took place on Sept. 7 and 8 at multiple locations around the campus.

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The Associated Students of Cerritos College held its Senate election on Sept. 7 and 8 from 9 a.m to 2 p.m. and from 5 to 8 p.m.

Out of the 22,459 Cerritos College students currently enrolled in the fall semester, only 347 valid votes were cast in the senate elections, with four votes being void.

Students were allowed to vote for a maximum of 10 candidates on one ballot.

Economics major and newly-elected student senate member Justin McIntyre won the No. 1 seat.

McIntyre was one of 35 candidates who ran for and was elected into the student senate.

Each candidate won an open seat because of the number of seats that were available.

McIntyre, who last semester served as assistant commissioner of the student center, said that this semester he wanted to step it up and make a difference.

“This is a great opportunity to make a difference for the students at Cerritos College,” he said.

ASCC President Jasmin Ramirez addressed her desire for this incoming senate.

“There are a lot of changes that [the ASCC] has to make to the [student] constitution this year, in regard to clarity and things that should either be put into the constitution or changed.”

Ramirez continued, “I’m hoping that once we are able to propose these new ideas that the senate will either move with it or not. They (the senate) are going to be real essential to making sure that we have a successful school year.”

The ASCC posted the results of the election on Thursday evening and the candidates that were on campus during that time, as well as on Friday morning, were the first to find out those results.

Undecided major Meliza Jacobo commented on her decision to run for senate, saying, “I just wanted to be more involved in school and the decisions that are made here.”

Jacobo expressed her shock about being elected, saying, “I was honestly surprised. I didn’t even know that I would win, but I’m glad that I made it.”

Some candidates had no idea that they had won at first.

”This is great. I am really happy about it,” said candidate Felix Kim. “I am a political science major, so this kind of experience will help out and give me an idea of how the whole political system works.”

The students who qualified for the election needed a minimum grade point average of 2.25, must maintain five or more units at Cerritos College this semester, must not have failed a class last semester and must have a current fall 2011 semester sticker on their student ID.

The Senate applications were due on Sept. 2.

Cabinet member and undecided major Karen Zapien discussed how she chose the people that she voted for.

“I voted for the ones that I got to talk with and ask questions about why they want to be elected.”

Candidates used campaign strategies such as candy, stickers and buttons to motivate students to vote for them.

While some students based their votes on political platforms, others had a more personal approach behind their vote.

Undecided major Marcelino Acosta said, “I voted for my friend Josseline (Arredondo). She gave me candy with the ballot number on it, so I am just doing her a favor.”

Kinesiology major Victor Guerrero also commented on his decision.

“I voted for Giovanni Mayoral because he is my friend and he will be a good guy for this position because he is vocal and loves to interact with people.”

This elected Senate will serve for one year until the next fall semester.

Here is a list of the winners:

  • Kristal Wilson – Freshman – Independent
  • Jennifer Ashley Alvarez – Sophomore – Puente Club
  • Hugo Diaz – Sophomore – Independent
  • Jessica Diaz – Sophomore – Puente Club
  • Giovanni Mayoral – Sophomore – Independent
  • Genesis Esqueda – Freshman – Independent
  • Jonnah Llames – Sophomore – Independent
  • Christhiam Santos – Sophomore – Independent
  • Justian McIntyre – Sophomore – Independent
  • Raquel Ramirez – Freshman – Incumbent
  • Felix Kim – Sophomore – Incumbent
  • Miledy Hernandez – Sophomore – Independent
  • Allison Solano – Sophomore – Independent
  • Sameer Alvarado – Freshman – Independent
  • Lizandra M. Salcido – Freshman – Independent
  • Nagely Maldonado – Freshman – Phi Beta Lambda/Business club
  • Mayra Cortez – Freshman – Incumbent
  • Jennifer Garcia – Freshman – Incumbent
  • Josseline Arredondo – Freshman – Independent
  • Ruby Garcia – Freshman – Independent
  • Claire Trinidad – Freshman – Independent
  • Daniel Schaper – Sophomore – Independent
  • Hectore Holguin – Sophomore – Independent
  • Ronisha Renae Brooks – Freshman – Independent
  • Michael Jimenez – Freshman – Independent
  • Jazmin Hernandez – Freshman – Independent
  • Ruby Acuna – Freshman – Independent
  • Martin Villalobos Jr. – Freshman – Independent
  • Asad Shah – Freshman – Math club
  • Meliza Jacobo – Freshman – Independent
  • German R. Sanchez – Sophomore – Independent
  • Nidia Monroy – Freshman – Independent
  • Deppa Pathran – Freshman – Independent
  • Lacie Michelle Johnson – Sophomore – Independent
  • Aaron Kim – Freshman – Independent