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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

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Talon Mark’s ‘Campus News Hour’ March 7, 2012

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Restroom Artwork – Tania Olivas (Audio) : Talon Marks Campus News Hour

Tito Benavides
Campus News Hour on WPMD.org

Today is March 7th, 2012. Welcome to the eighth edition of Talon Marks ‘Campus News Hour’ for the Spring semester. Bringing you news and information campus wide.

I’m your host Tito Benavides

And I’m Lucia Sarabia

Good Morning Falcons!


For many a semester, the musical entertainment at Falcon Square has been provided by overpriced DJ’s, hired from outside the campus. While less then 200 feet away, broadcast students with on air experience at WPMD.org Cerritos College Radio were at the ready to provide the musical entertainment. Prior petitions to allow WPMD DJ’s to run the musical entertainment here on campus were met with a $1 insurance bond requirement by the ASCC, making virtually impossible for radio broadcast students to bring the music entertainment to their fellow Falcons. Assistant News editor German Lara and Cassandra Meuret report on how times, they ARE a-changing.


With a recent losses to Palimar College, the women’s tennis team reassesses their strategy to bring Cerritos College more victories on the horizon.

Staff writer Juan Lopez reporting.


In an effort to bring due attention to our music instructors, Cerritos College holds the Faculty Gala held every semester with performances by our very own talented professors. Wilmer Vargas harmonizes with the music department and brings Campus News Hour the scoop.


This weeks ‘Free Speech Zone’ delves deep into the darkest recesses of our campus; the quality of our public restrooms. Staff writer Sri Ramanathan gets down and dirty and brings ‘Campus News Hour’ the bitter truth on this subject.


CalWorks is a program designed to provide employment through a joint venture of the Campus and the State. Students can apply for work that fits into their busy school schedual. Assistant Online Editor Sara Neiman reports for staff writer German Lara.


For today’s music students, the selection of musical instruments now ranges into the electronic realm. New ways of harmonic expression have surfaced in this new era that bring challenges to the Cerritos College music department. Opinion editor Miguel Hernandez lends his ear to this new issue. Electronic music and it’s modern influence.


Cerritos College students are letting dollars fly out the proverbial window but not having the ‘Got Card’ available here on campus. Students can save large amounts of cash by spending less on what they purchase regularly by simply being enrolled in class. Staff writer Juan Lopez penny pinches his way into this financially important issue.


With the passing of retired professor Bob Verderber, ‘Campus News Hour’ speaks to those close to the former Cerritos College Board of Trustees member as they share reflections of his memory and his accomplishments. Staff writer Mario Jimenez reporting.


Ceritos College students travelled back and forth through time and space thanks to the Cinematic Arts Club and The International Student Association. “Back To The Future” blazed on the silver screen once more and last months ‘Movie Night.’ Assistant Arts editor Alexa Bazua reporting.


Personality traits were being categorized by different colors in this new method of pairing ones personality and ability with the right career choice. Assistant News Editor Cassandra Meuret speaks to a prism of perspective career hunters as they find which hue will serve them best.


And a final word with this weeks Talon Mark’s ‘Campus News Hour’ editorial. Talon Marks goes on the offensive on the most offensive acts that go on in our restrooms here on campus. Vandalism, belittling graffiti, and unnecessarily filthy restroom habits make life much more difficult for the Cerritos College janitorial crew. Managing and Multimedia editor Lucia Sarabia gives a voice to the entire Talon Marks staff on this personal issue.

This has been the 8th installment of Talon Marks

‘Campus News Hour’ for the Spring semester of 2012 here on WPMD.org on the net. We Thank you for listening and would like to remind you to pick up the latest printed edition of ‘Talon Marks’ at news racks located throughout the campus.

We would also like to invite you to log onto ‘Talonmarks.com’ for the latest in breaking news here at Cerritos College.

On behalf of the Talon Marks news staff, I’m Campus News Hour Director Tito Benavides.

And I’m Managing and Multimedia Editor Lucia Sarabia

Have a Great Day Falcons!

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Talon Mark’s ‘Campus News Hour’ March 7, 2012