New senate meeting promises better crew

Luis Guzman

The final positions for majority leader, minority leader, senate liaison and other positions are still waiting to be filled, according to the Associated Students of Cerritos College’s first senate meeting of the semester which occurred on Wednesday, Sept. 17.

The first senate meeting served as an overview as to how the ASCC Senate process will happen.

Charles Caguioa, vice president of ASCC, said that he wants senate to head toward the right direction.

“We’re really trying to make sure that we hit the ground running, especially for our senate meetings,” he said.

He also said that he wants this senate meeting to set the precedence for next meetings, with a goal of running at a more efficient pace, as well as acting in a more professional manner.

Senator Gurpreet Ubbu had no qualms over the meeting and thought that it ran smoothly.

“I thought it was really organized, and it actually gave me a lot of information about the school and what activities are going on,” Ubbu said.

One of Ubbu’s goals is to pass legislation in regards to the implementation of the hydration centers, a campaign headed by ASCC President Miles Aiello.

Also in the meeting, the executive cabinet was voted in for this semester. It’s in charge of directing many student body services and programs.

Many positions have been postponed during the meeting, including Majority Leader, Minority Leader, Sergeant-at-Arms and Senate Liason.

These positions were expected to be elected during the first meeting, but were rescheduled for the next senate meeting.

Dr. Gilbert Contreras announced that the Bookstore Building will be renovated in the future, making the building more modern, with a mural planned in BK111 and 112.

Senate meetings happen every Wednesday at 2 p.m. in BK111 and 112. The next one is Sept. 24.