New senators, funds distributed at meeting

Angel Esqueda

The majority of the senate meeting was dedicated to appointing new members, as three of the five were appointed.

The Wednesday, Oct. 8, ASCC Senate meeting also had new members of the court.

Among other topics in the meeting were student transfers and events related to such, like university fairs.

After long discussion, the senate decided to postpone the consideration of approving two new senators. Neither of the elected were present at the meeting, as they (the two candidates) had other obligations to fulfill. In turn, the senate decided to make its final decision when the two candidates were present.

Others that were appointed were three new associate justices of the court. All three were appointed with a block vote.

Also, the senate decided to add additional funds to the university fairs and transfer conferences.

The previous budget for this committee was at $1500, and a block vote by the senate decided to raise the committee’s budget to $3500.

The senate also voted to approve funding for the Skeptics Society research lecture.

Further relating to funds, the senate approved to reimburse the UC Davis Pre-Health Conference attendees for their transportation fees.