Game over for the Game Room?

Denny Cristales, Editor-in-Chief

It seems like it could be “game over” for the Game Room.

Discussions at ASCC have intensified regarding the Game Room and the possibility of removing it entirely and replacing it with something else.

The Game Room has been losing revenue, according to reports at ASCC meetings, namely reports by Dean of Student Services Gilbert Contreras, who is emphasizing that the room should be replaced with some sort of activity center.

The reasoning is that students require a place to interact and socialize besides the Student Center. There’s a feeling that the student population has surpassed the amount of space that Cerritos College encompasses.

It’s not final or completely known what could be replacing the Game Room or when the process would further escalate for its removal, but the talks are becoming more prominent.

The Game Room is home to pool tables and arcade games, such as Tekken 5 and Street Fighter 3rd Strike.

Some students were quite somber at the idea of the Game Room being axed, as it is utilized as a place for recreation between classes, but others were not opposed to it if it meant knowing what exactly would be replacing the room.

Tristian Escobar, nursing major, said, “It should be a good idea, but just leave the pool tables, you know. A lot of people still use them. I understand removing the (arcade) machines and all, but not the tables.”

Alexander Gaspar, an accounting major, reiterated the same points about the pool tables, with the tables being the only real thing he would miss.

“I would just really miss the pool tables, pretty much,” he said. “I mean, if (the school) keeps that or adds foosball tables or something like that I would be fine with it.”

Jonathan Carmona, an engineering major, would be more interested in knowing what would be replacing the room.

“What would be replacing it? I would have to know more about it. I kind of like the Game Room, so I would be kind of happy if (the college) kept it, honestly.”

Other students expressed how they wouldn’t know what to do in between classes or where they would go.

Gilbert Gonzalez, zoology major, said, “Getting the Game Room removed will leave people who don’t have friends nowhere to be. Where would they go? It’s not fun being outside, it’s fun having the Game Room.”

Jeros Colchado, an administrative justice major, agrees.

He said, “Well, it’s my first year so I’m not here as much, but I mean, I wouldn’t know what else to do to kill time. I don’t know, honestly.