ASCC welcomes students with free Boba


Sophia Castillo

Members of the ASCC pose together Jan. 18 during the “Get to Know Ya with Some Boba” event.

Angelica Duarte and Sophia Castillo

The ASCC Student Government hosted an event at the college where students were able to get to know the student leaders and find out more about what ASCC is.

This event took place on Jan. 18 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Library Shade Structure.

During the event, the ASCC student leaders also gave out free boba drinks to anyone who stopped by.

Mohaddisa Naqvi, President of the ASCC, said, “ ASCC is the student government and a voice for the students on campus, we need a student voice as well to know what’s going on from students’ viewpoints.”

“One thing that we just passed is legislation [is] on gender-neutral bathrooms, there are a lot of buildings on campus that don’t have gender-neutral bathrooms,” Naqvi said.

“Some students had to walk from one side all the way to the other on campus just so they could use that one single bathroom.”

ASCC hosts events that promote mental health or events that students will find entertaining.

Priya Shah, Director of Student Services, said that they have therapy dogs and puppies come in so students can play with the dogs to relax.

During the event, there were many students who stopped by to chat, ask questions and of course, grab some free boba.

“I’m thinking about joining because I want to be more involved with the community and I know it will be beneficial when I want to transfer,” Jodie Brunelle, a Business student, said.

Omar Ontiveros said that he liked being a part of ASCC because of its really nice environment.

“They are one of the most welcoming groups of people at the school,” the Athletics deputy said, “It was the first club that I joined and I had a really good experience.”

The Business Administration student added, “Because of that, I connected with some really cool people at the school,”

To join the ASCC, students can visit the Cerritos college website and there they will find the president’s email as well as the application.

“We can send out applications and help you with anything you need, don’t hesitate to ask any questions,” Naqvi said.

To keep up with ASCC events, students can follow the ASCC Instagram.