Compromise is a better option than strike


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Pete Moye’
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This mess between the administration of California State Universities and the faculty union is no different than a messy divorce with children involved.

Whenever there is a divorce involving children, who suffers the most? The children.

This whole ordeal with the impending one-day strike of Cal State Dominguez Hills and Cal State East Bay over the administration’s alleged reneging on promised pay raises is sad.

The first priority of faculty and administration should be the students.

How will a strike of any capacity benefit students?

We don’t need a crystal ball to see what can possibly happen next. This one-day strike may turn into a week, then a month, then, who knows how long this thing can stretch out?

As children, we at some point have heard the rules of engagement for handling most issues; rules such as sharing and treating others as you would like to be treated.

What happened to these rules? Is it really worth risking seeing students suffer for the sake of being right?

There is a saying, which says, “The student becomes the teacher.”

Maybe if the administration and faculty switch sides with the students, they will be reminded of why they got into education. This needs to be applied to this whole pathetic situation because apparently, priorities were forgotten long ago.

Like any argument, both sides probably think that they are right, and both probably have strong arguments in defense of their perspective, but what about the argument of the people that matter the most.

Students will suffer, all the way from the community college level to the four-year level.

Current students did not pay to go to school to major in bickering and fighting.

Future four-year students, like Cerritos College students, don’t want to attend a specific school to be pushed aside and forced to be subjected to infighting.

There is a word called compromise. Both sides need to give it a shot. They need to sit down together and spend a few moments away from attempting to prove their point and think about why they got into education; the students. They need to think about the people who they assist in succeeding; the students, and they need to think about who will be the ones to lose out; the students.