Free Speech Zone: How does receiving financial aid affect you?

Briana Velarde and Dennis Osorio


Carlos Zamora, physical therapy major

“If it wasn’t because of FAFSA, I wouldn’t come here. My family doesn’t have money and since I just got out of high school FAFSA has helped me come here.”

Viridiana Cabrerra

Viridiana Cabrera, nursing major

“It helps me being in college because my parents don’t have the income to provide for me. Without the aid it would be harder for me to be in college.”


Natania Fernoll, biology major

“It doesn’t really affect because my parents make enough to pay for me, but I wish I qualified for it.”


Luis Antonio Lopez, computer science major

“I do receive FAFSA, but I only get the fee waiver. I still have to pay for the textbooks which it’s still a problem, but still it’s better than not getting anything.”


Cameron Carter, undecided major

“It does affect me, it would help if anything. It is just a benefit and at the end of the day who wouldn’t want a benefit to help them, especially when you need it.”


Teena Perea, music major

“It affects me greatly, just because I am a full-time students and I don’t have a job. It helps with school books and all the materials I need being a music major.”