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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

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The Envelope: Trump transgresses against transgender rights

With three tweets, the leaders of the largest employer in the nation tried to lay-off trans military people to the tune of an estimated 1,320 to 6,630 members in active duty and between 830 and 4,160 members in reserves duty.

Undemocratically elected president Donald Trump lamely explaining that this decision has been arrived at after consulting with “his” “generals and military experts,” stating that not paying for trans-specific medial treatment would take a large financial burden off of the military budget, which by the way is huge.

In the 2017 discretionary budget, $610 billion (53% of the total funds allocated in the budget) is called for to be spent on military, and $540 billion for literally everything else; but that is almost beside the point.

This explanation is lame for two main reasons: if paying for trans-specific medical treatment is so bothersome for the greedy and hateful GOP, it could remove such coverage from the military insurance policy.

This is obviously just another way to exclude queer people from serving society in whatever way they choose, probably because it makes snowflake conservatives uncomfortable. It is now “Don’t ask, don’t tell but show me your genitals.” This would likely be a stupid compromise of human rights that former president Barack Obama would espouse.

The second reason is simple: If people are willing to give their life to what they believe equals the fight for the freedom of the American people (because in reality, it’s just Christo-fascist, imperialist and corporate interests), we should be doing everything possible to ensure that they live the happiest and most honest life that they can live.

The group Gays For Trump are traitors to their own cause and should be shunned for believing that someone who has spewed hate-speech about our allies (Latinxs, women and immigrants), would not also use his term of presidency to turn the clock around on their rights as well as ours.

Consequently, anyone who is not outraged is a traitor to the LGBTQ+ community.

First of all: The gay rights movement was started with a brick thrown by Marsha P. Johnson, a Black, trans woman.

Second of all: Any attack on one of us, is an attack at all. This only sets the precedent for crooked politicians to sell away the rest of our rights to big business. In this case, it is the military complex who has bought our freedom in exchange for F-35 jets, which cannot even fly in rain.


Actress Susan Sarandon (who worked on the 2016 Bernie Sanders presidential campaign) said on One-On-One with Chris Hayes of MSNBC that upon being inaugurated, “Donald Trump will bring the revolution immediately –” admitting to supporting what Hayes called the “Leninist model.”

We must thank Sarandon for her bravery and truth in the face of the corrupt corporate media and understand that with every trans-gression of the Trump administration, the anger of the disenfranchised proletariat grows stronger — and thus, the revolution Sarandon alluded to.

What we the people must do now is never stop reminding politicians, the media and ourselves of the ways the GOP has been a traitor to the American people. If we do, the revolution will be delayed.

If we are apathetic and in-compassionate to the plight of our brothers, sister and non-binary folk who are being wronged on the basis of their immutable characteristics or socio-economic standing; if we are ever not angry, Trump’s hate will be normalized.

In addition to raising awareness, we must turn this awareness into action; we will stop putting our money into businesses that do not share our beliefs; we will remain politically active and never give up hope.

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Benjamin Garcia
Benjamin Garcia, Fall 2017 Online Editor
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The Envelope: Trump transgresses against transgender rights