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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

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The Envelope: Chump Trump voters should slump over and cry

Going through the Twitter hashtag “#MAGA,” you might come across such mind-numbing proclamations of stupidity as these:


It is widely known that when you unwisely go through “#MAGA,” you enter a daze.

It is transferred from the creators of these sloppy graphics; internet nobodies, likely with sausage fingers while having aneurysms in sync — as that is the only way that a human being can make something so… avant garde.

After this cross-faded-like experience that occurs from a rapid loss of brain cells, one thing remains clear in your mind: They are not aware of their own graceless stupidity.

To contextualize: Is it any wonder that people without self-awareness elected a president who suffers from the same abnormality?

It’s #sad.

Specifically what makes this situation sad is the fact that these people are being fooled, taken-advantage of and financially devastated; and it’s downright heart-breaking that this is all to the benefit of the corporate overlords.

What’s most devastating to a bleeding-heart, leftist, commie, hippie-pinko like me is the fact that the lubricant that allows the gears in this big machine (known as “corporate oligarchy”) to turn so effortlessly is division, hate and backwards-thinking.

This is precisely what we, the radical left, need to fight against: hate.

Our brothers, sisters and non-binary comrades who are not paying attention, who are not awake, are still our friends; and if we do our jobs correctly, they will be allies.

It is true to say that after this year of the tragedy that has been Donald Trump’s presidency, our neighbors who voted for him should feel sorry. That is the healthy response to committing to such heinous actions as standing behind someone who is divisive instead of unifying.

However, it is still our role as the conscious and (dare-I-say) educated to stay on the right side of history; beckoning for those who are not with us to soon come and stand with us.

We must remember that kindness in power will topple every tower; meaning that — symbolically, empathy will make us equal — and people skills will aid the physical revolution to tear bricks from the mortar of the phallic symbols known as “Trump Towers,” as well as all other physical structures that house systems of capitalism.

So President Trump wants to build a wall — physically and politically dividing the United States from Mexico, one of our closest friends?

Let us listen to “Some Walls” by Peter, Paul and Mary (and other songs of peace, for that matter) and return hate with love.

It’s fine to be angry. It’s fine to breakdown and cry when President Trump mocks disabled reporters, minimizes accusations of sexual assault against him and his colleagues and threatens the lives and livelihood of people who have been in this nation for decades with temporary immigrant status (and consequently the lives of their American-born families).

It is right that we should fight; but it is important to note that we are not fighting against the people tweeting in “#MAGA.” We love them.

We are fighting against the ignorance by which they are enslaved.

It is better to light one candle than curse the darkness.

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Benjamin Garcia
Benjamin Garcia, Fall 2017 Online Editor
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The Envelope: Chump Trump voters should slump over and cry