Why Angelinos should give a ‘dam’


Photo credit: Sofia Gallegos

Christopher Martinez, Sports Editor

In past years ice caps have began to resonate back to their liquid state and sea levels are infinitely rising due to climate change.

Climate change is an ever growing threat to life on earth and within coming days we all could see just a case of what is it come in the form of a mega storm.

This mega storm scientists are saying could be rain of biblical proportions which may cause multiple dams to break leaving many cities in the Los Angeles area flooded.

Effecting more than 1.5 million people to either displaced at the moment or not have a home to come back to.

There could be so much water with in this storm and with the dams breaking for there to create a lake in the Mojave desert.

In recent public hearings, officials have stated that the now 60-year-old Whittier Narrows Dam no longer meets the standard guidelines for safety and could fail in the event of very large storm, such as the mega storm.

The dam stretches from Montebello to Pico Rivera and crosses both the San Gabriel and Rio Hondo rivers.

If the dam fails flooding could reach as far as; Long Beach 4 feet, Artesia 6 feet, Bell Gardens 4 feet, Bellflower 6 feet, Carson 4 feet, Compton 6 feet, Cypress 4 feet, Downey 8 feet, Hawaiian Gardens 4 feet, La Palma 4 feet, Lakewood 4 feet, Lynwood 8 feet, Montebello 4 feet, Norwalk 4 feet, Paramount 6 feet, Santa Fe Springs 6 feet, Pico Rivera 15 feet.

Pico Rivera being the closest city in the path of the dam could be hit the hardest with upwards from 15-20 feet leaving almost the entire city under water.

Downey next in the path could see up to 10 feet of water.

Scientists have spoken and are calling it the 900-year storm, not that this storm will happen every 900 years but that this storm will be so massive that it can not just happen every three years or so.

It means this storm will be so massive and powerful it can only happen once every 900 years as an exaggeration.

A mega storm looming over many Angelinos heads one may ask themselves, “How can we prepare for the storm?”

There are many different steps and measures in place that many people look over to protect houses and cars but its California and many of these things do not happen, but these things could just save Angelinos from losing everything they own.

Here are a few examples:

  • Get flood insurance.
  • Create a hurricane evacuation plan.
  • Stock up on supplies such as food and water the necessities.
  • Check for weather updates.

Some extra few steps to brace for the storm and have somewhat protection and an escape route is to board up windows with plywood, have a full tank of gas and turn off all gasses in the home, get a list of local shelters just in case there is no where else to go.

Just the talks of a mega storm actually hitting causes for concern about global warming and how badly us as humans are hurting and destroying our planet.

Us as humans need to take a stand against our global abuse before the earth decides we are more of a harm than good.