Campus check-in stations need stronger screenings


Vincent Medina

Students receive their wristbands before entering Cerritos College campus. Their wristband confirms they have no symptoms of COVID-19.

Jazmin Taha and Lily Marmolejo

The College’s check-in policy for individuals attending in-person classes is filled with irony. Students, faculty and visitors must enter the campus before confirming they do not have COVID-19 and then will receive a wristband granting access to buildings.

The college has provided students with a map of available check-in kiosks which thankfully have been present since the campus reopened. Three of the five check-in kiosks are located on campus.

Common sense is not common, one would think an individual must confirm they are not carrying the virus before entering the college and interacting with individuals.

Upon arriving at a check-in kiosk students must fill a simple questionnaire, while the college very trustingly assumes students are inputting accurate information and are not lying about any potential symptoms or recent travels.

The college offers students a digital check-in method that can be accessed before entering the campus.

Students may check-in by texting Cerritos to 562-273-9224. This number will generate a link to the questionnaire that can be filled out anywhere verifying attendance and a negative covid result.

When confirming if a student has traveled out of state or the country the college does not verify whether or not that student has received a negative test result or quarantined themselves for the seven to 10 recommended days as noted on the campus website.

History has absolutely no trend of repeating itself and a student most definitely will not falsify being of perfect health when needing to take an exam or turn in a project.

A simple procedure that could be done at the kiosk stations on campus includes temperature checks. A procedure that is done in many healthcare facilities, retail and department stores.

Monday, Oct. 5, the college implemented new temperature screening kiosks in effort to assist students in the transition back to campus. Advertised as extremely easy to use this service is unfortunately unavailable due to missing kiosk attendants.

Building have the temperature screening equipment however students still need to look for the kiosks to receive a wristband because the lack of attendants. Which adds an extra step to the check-in process for those who assume the new temperature screenings are working the way they are suppose to. More information about the service can be found here.

The number of kiosk stations needs to be increased, although not all students are back on campus having only 5 stations is not realistic.

A good plan would be for the school to have check in stations next to buildings they know have in person classes maybe having one station for two buildings or even three buildings depending in the number of students and employees who check in for classes in those buildings the school has access to all that information, they should use it

Most students aren’t hanging around campus unless they have more than one class in person on campus, the school knows what time classes are scheduled and what buildings needs the check in kiosks and what time. Rotating them can also work to have them be accessible and not have students trying to find one without being late to class.

Instead of trying to excite students about the vaccine mandate of Spring 2022 with a free gift card to the bookstore, they should work on the logistics and the procedures for day to day students on campus.