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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

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Toxic couples are fishing for publicity

Audiences in 2023 are captivated by toxic couples because drama, violence and sex are what most television and media outlets illustrate nowadays.
Man pushing a woman’s head into the wall with his elbow.

Toxic couples are considered unhealthy but watching toxic couples on media outlets it’s only feeding the idea that it’s natural to be toxic.

Psychologist Isabelle Morley specializes in couples therapy explains,

“Conflict, abuse, and breakups from fictional characters create exciting drama. It makes us sit on the edge of our seats, wondering how the people involved will navigate such intense or destructive interactions.”

Morley’s explanation is a perfect example of how young audiences nowadays are mesmerized by the illusion of being in a perfect relationship.

In reality, it might be toxic because that is what they are attracted to while watching too much drama on media outlets.

Trending famous toxic couple relationships such as both American rappers Chrisean Rock and Johnathan Jamall who is professionally known as Blue Face a perfect example of a toxic couple that keeps fishing for more publicity.

Both rappers are also the main participants of their reality show called, “Crazy In Love.”

Rock has several tattoos of Blueface demonstrating her huge love for him or should we call it toxicity love.

One of Rock’s tattoos has a large print of Blueface’s face which she tattooed on the front of her neck.

They also have a one-month-old baby together whom BlueFace at one point demanded for paternity test as he denied being the father and it was also proven he had asked her to abort while still being the unborn child.

There are also videos online of Rock and Jamall actioning physical, verbal, and emotional abuse on each other.

Another perfect example of a toxic couple is star singer Shakira and star soccer player Gerard Piqué, fortunately enough Shakira was able to identify it and walk away even more gorgeous than ever.

Although there is still evidence online and videos that prove the submission and emotional distress that she went through while she was still married to Piqué.

One of her ex-maids Juanita Garcia even confirmed on national camera that Shakira had a miss carriage and as she was dealing with the pain there were rumors that Piqué was with his mistress at that time Clara Chia at a bar.

Toxic couples as relationships can be identified and one should not submit to them.

There is help provided for those who consider they are in a toxic relationship and might feel vulnerable to move on.

The YMCA has been serving communities since 1850 helping out families dealing with domestic abuse and violence.

People need to stop feeding into famous toxic couples’ publicity because all you have to do is just remember they are real people too and their pain can be as real as yours.

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Melissa Clemente is a co-sports & photo editor for Talon Marks who you may see juggling around campus after coming from working front line in FHCCGLA community clinic. To cover a variety of local news and sports stories.
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