Lessons learned propel water polo forward


Sebastian Echeverry

Mathew Skinas, sophomore utility, warms ups by shooting to the net. The four games the team played in Annapolis, Maryland, ended in two wins and two loses. Photo credit: Sebastian Echeverry

Sebastian Echeverry

Head coach of the men’s water polo team Joe Abing stood on the pool deck and looked over his players in the water, trying to formulate how to get his players, many of them brand new to the team, to perform at their utmost.

Fresh from the tournament in Annapolis, Maryland, the four games played by the Falcons ended in two wins and two losses.

The Falcons played against Gannon University and won 17-11, Navy’s Midshipmen and lost 26-13, Penn State University and won 20-7 and finally played Navy’s Midshipmen B team and lost 13-10.

Abing believes defense is an area that needs improving.

He said, “We had our first games, so we’ve got some good experience in preparation for the next game. We’ve just been fine tuning our defense tactics.”

According to the Annapolis results against Navy, saw the team at a 10-10 stalemate in the first half, then came the defensive errors that eventually led to the loss.

“These guys are all coming from different teams last year, so it’s just a lot of getting adjusted to playing with new teammates and everyone learning what role they are going to have,” he said.

According to Abing, the team changes its play style and its formation yearly and depending on what kind of players are in the roster.

“We are a pretty versatile team this year, we got a lot of different guys this year that can play different positions and we can also run different types of defenses,” he explained.

Sophomore utility Marlon Moreno added goals to the first game against Gannon University.

He said, “We played really good, there were some mistakes we made and I feel like we are going to put that in for our next games.”