Women’s water polo team seeks for leadership in the pool

The Cerritos Women’s water polo team have been struggling and have lost their third straight game. There is an urgency for someone to step up and lead this team to victory.
Kylee McKenna No.15 attempting to block an El Camino player from getting the ball passed her.
Kylee McKenna No.15 attempting to block an El Camino player from getting the ball passed her.
Derrick Coleman

The Cerritos women’s water polo team hosted the El Camino Warriors on Oct. 4 in a conference matchup where the Falcons let themselves down with a tough loss yet again.

There was clear frustration shown from all aspects of the game as the Falcons weren’t able to score many goals or block the ones that came their way.

The crowd was into the game from the very beginning and there were no signs that Cerritos would fall to El Camino as the Warriors only had a two-point lead by the end of the first period.

Only three points were scored between the two teams in the second period and all came from El Camino. This put them up 7-2 halfway through the game.

During the third period, the Falcons were able to score more goals than the Warriors but were still behind by four overall.

By the last period, it was looking as though El Camino was determined to win and by the end of it, they broke the game open by scoring five goals while Cerritos only scored two.

The Warriors defeated the Falcons with a final score of 13-6.

Head coach Sergio Macias seemed at a loss for words because he expected more from this group.

“I know the result is not what I expected, it’s not who we are,” said Macias in frustration, “We have to get out of our funk and start playing team ball as opposed to individual ball.”

Team chemistry, team play, having fun and a good attitude are aspects of the game he said need to be worked on.

“We did not play well today or put very good effort towards a team that we’re better than,” said Macias.

He was let down by the outcome of the game, especially because he thought Cerritos should have beaten El Camino.

Macias reiterated that they need some leadership and energy in the pool to appear for them to get back into the win column.

Anabell Magana No.4, a sophomore attacker for the Falcons said, “We’re not communicating as well as we could be in the water and it’s kinda messing us up right now.”

The Falcons now 3-7 on the season have now lost three games in a row, but they won’t let that affect their mentality for the next game.

“I think team bonding or something, I feel like right now we’re just stressed with midterms and stuff like that and we’re letting it get to us,” said Magana, “I think we just need to relax and bond and that’s gonna help us get back into the groove.”

The Cerritos College Falcons were undoubtedly frustrated by the game’s result, but by working together like they said they needed to improve on they can win the next game.

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