Men’s Water Polo cruises against Chaffey


Samuel Chacko

Thomas Luther, No. 18 (Frosh) Driver attempts to shoot the ball in Chaffey’s net during the Sept. 21 game.

Samuel Chacko, Editor-in-Chief

The Cerritos Water Polo looks to be going back to their winning ways and crushed Chaffey with the final score of 19-7 on Sept. 21.

In the first quarter, it looked like it would be a defensive game when Cerritos scored five goals with Silvestre Chavez, No. 12 (Soph) Driver scoring two of those goals.

The score in the first quarter is 5-2 Cerritos but it won’t be that close in the coming quarters.

The Falcons went on an 8-2 run that quarter with Dominic Hernandez, No. 7 (Soph) Utility scoring three of those goals and Axel Pedroza, No. 5 (Soph) Utility scoring two goals.

Cerritos broke the game with that run and instead of having a 5-2 game, it was a 13-4 game with Cerritos winning.

Nearing the end of the half, there was some chippiness between both teams and some of the Cerritos players were talking to some of the Chaffey players.

Falcons’ head coach Joe Abing talked about the team keeping their composure and staying level-headed, citing that chippiness.

During the third quarter, the scoring slowed down for both teams and only scored two goals on both sides.

The fourth quarter was similar to the third quarter, there wasn’t much scoring with the final score being 19-7, Cerritos cruising to an easy victory.

“We were just clicking [on] the fast break and everyone got playing time,” Coach Abing said.

Abimael Anorve, No. 9 (Soph) Utility said that he was proud of the team and that the team played very well.

The Utility player also said that if the team puts more shots away, he feels confident that Cerritos can beat any team.

Cerritos looks to keep this two-game win streak going when they play in the San Diego Mesa Tournament on Sept. 23.

The tournament consists of a game versus UC San Diego Club at 9:15 a.m., versus San Diego Mesa at 11:45 a.m. and San Diego Club at 2:15 p.m. at San Diego Mesa.