Three-game win streak continues for Women’s Tennis

Toni Reveles, Staff Writer

The women’s tennis team is now 10-1 after its win against Grossmont.

All of the women won their match in singles and doubles.

Head Coach Alvin Kim said, “We’ve been a little frustrated with the progress in doubles, and it was good to finally get all three wins, our number twos played exceptionally well, Valentina Polonyi and Tiffany Sanchez.”

Sanchez said about her doubles match with Polonyi, “I feel that me and my partner did really well, and we worked together good.

“We also gave Anastasia Khomyachenko number one and she struggled a little bit but she did win in three sets.”

In previous weeks Taylor Heath had been ranked number one but this week she dropped to number two as Khomyachenko moved up to number one.

“The ranking is usually based on how many number ones they beat,” said coach Kim about how rankings work.

“Heath had a really bad match against El Camino, and she had the match of her career against Mt. San Antonio, that was a really good match against Connie,

“Heath just struggled and we tried to coach her through it but it didn’t really work out, but it was more than sending a message, it’s really giving Khomyachenko a start at one, and she didn’t do as well as we thought she would but she’s been struggling a little with the forehand side so we’ve been working on that,” Kim said.

Heath expressed about her drop in ranking, “I was okay with the decision because I knew that Khomyachenko could handle herself being at number one so I just wanted to secure the win at number two for the team.”

Even with her drop, the team is still undefeated in conference.

Kim, who is looking to win his first conference title as women’s head coach said, “I’m optimistic that we will be defeated after this week.”

Heath also agreed with coach Kim and said, “We have it down we practice hard and we have two coaches to help us, so we should be good.”

As for who is going to be ranked number one?

“I’m not to sure yet but I’m leaning towards Heath,” Kim said.