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Off The Field Podcast: The NFL Draft

Derrick Coleman
“Off The Field” is a podcast dedicated to sports opinions from various writers within Talon Marks. Podcasts are published weekly.

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Thoughts on the NFL Draft going over The Last Dance documentary series and saying our Mt. Rushmore of NBA players.
DERRICK: So Good morning, and welcome to Off The Field, I’m Derrick.

LUIS: I’m Luis.

ROB: Rob Scott.

DERRICK: And Rob, do you want to talk about today’s topic a little bit?

ROB: Yeah. So today we want to talk about the NFL Draft, our thoughts about it, some pluses and minuses from it. And then after the NFL Draft, we’re going to talk about Michael Jordan’s documentary, The Last Dance that’s been airing on ESPN on Sundays its a 10 part series, so they get two episodes every week, and we want to go more in-depth about that.

ROB: So we want to start off with the NFL Draft. And I don’t know about you guys, but I think this year’s draft was very, very unique. I mean, they made it work but um, I’m more used to, you know, the grand stage and having it in a host city. And, you know, you get to, I mean, I feel bad for the players, because, you know, they don’t get to shake the commissioner’s hand they don’t get the jersey on the stage.

LUIS: Yeah

ROB: don’t get the hat from, you know, the commissioner. I mean, they all have hats, as we’ve seen, but, you know, it’s a little different when you see the fans reaction, like, you know, if they have a player got drafted to the dolphins, and the fans don’t like it, you would hear the boos, and that’s some type of motivation saying that, okay, they don’t think that I’m a good asset.

ROB: So now let me prove them wrong. You won’t get a chance to hear that reaction. You got to just probably go on YouTube or Instagram to hear those types of reactions. And if the fans do cheer you you still won’t be able to hear the cheers. I mean, you got the support of your family in the household. But outside of that, you know, there’s no reality to it.

LUIS: I mean, I miss the I understand the circumstances. But what was missing is a big spectacle, like you said, walking up shaking the handing of the hat and posing for a picture.

Derrick: Yeah, I think. I think one of the things that they, I don’t know if you guys heard it yesterday that, that the NFL commissioner did not get paid for that. He usually gets paid for that.

LUIS: Oh, really

DERRICK: Yeah, he usually gets paid for that and um, They said yesterday you heard about this Rob that this season. He’s not gonna receive a salary.

Rob: This season the commissioners are receiving a salary.


ROB: I mean, there’s a lot of people losing their jobs. I’m pretty sure the commissioner will be okay. I’m more worried about the athletes, especially the rookies, because, you know, they’re in a whole new predicament.

ROB: And obviously, you know, staff workers, people who the equipment managers to the field caretakers, you know, I feel bad for those people because they’re very limited now.

DERRICK: Yeah, even um, what’s the name of the head coach for the, for the Rams.

ROB: Sean Mcvay

DERICK: yeah, his OTA’s are going to be all on zoom. Right and the first person you before he said he’s going to do it different. So he’s going to bring in Doc Rivers from the Clippers to talk to the team. So he’s going to have different motivational speakers to come in and talk to the players. And I think that’s, that’s going to be interesting.

LUIS: Yeah.

DERRICK: What do you think about that?

ROB: Yeah, pretty good. You know, there’s a lot of teams in LA that I know of that does stuff like that bring in motivational speakers. Mm, up to the team. I know the Lakers do it a lot. They’ll have the Rock do it. Mayweather many other celebrities who are successful within sports or as entertainment. But I think that’s a good thing. Going back to the draft, what do you guys think about Tua going to the dolphins?

DERRICK: That was A good pick for them.

LUIS: Yeah.

ROB: Okay. I think it was an eye-opener because I thought it was going to the Chargers originally I thought they would have went Herbert’s route, right? No. Tua got injured a lot in college. Right. ankles, the hips, shoulders. I mean you name it, he, he had it. And it’s a big that’s a big thing that the dolphins are doing because couple of years ago.

ROB: My favorite quarterback is Drew Brees. So a couple of years ago Drew Brees could have been a Miami Dolphin player. But yeah, they were more concerned about his shoulder entry that he received when he was with the Chargers, and they passed on him. Now, looking back, that was a bad decision because he won the Super Bowl, and he’s one of the greatest players of all time.

LUIS: Yeah,

ROB: now they’re saying okay, We passed on Drew Brees A long time ago because of an injury we’re not going to pass on a young guy due to a list of injuries.


ROB: So I hope it works out for Tua. I don’t wish no bad wishes on the dolphins as far as their pick, or Tua hopefully it works out for them. But it is an idol. It is an eye-opener.

LUIS: Yeah. You know what? You think? The second round I mean, as far as the team’s choices, what they had Available .

ROB: Yeah. One thing I could say about the second round was it was very deep with wide receivers. I mean, every time I wake Here a draft pick a it was a pretty talented player out there pretty talented player so it was really good

DERRICK: I know I’m looking here um Kansas City there was only team to draft a running back in the first round.

ROB: That makes sense they have a running back with I forget his name.

DERRICK: He was only running back that was drafted into first round.

DERRICK: Yeah, I know Kansas City have a running back. I forget his name.

DERRICK: Oh, yeah.

ROB: That, uh, the running back that they chose is going to help their offense a lot more because, you know, Kansas City is a very, very dual threat. offensive team.

LUIS: Yeah,

ROB: that way boost their office and make them more unguardable going into the future?

DERRICK: Yeah, yes. Something. What I’m one of the guests that we’re going to have next week. My brother. That’s a guy that got drafted with Green Bay Packers. Jordan love that quarterback.

ROB: That was a surprise to me.

DERRICK: Yeah. So we could ask my brother about him next week when he comes on to with us.

LUIS: Okay, why not?

ROB: Also, let’s start shifting gears. Let’s go to the NBA slash last dance with Michael Jordan. How have you guys been enjoying that so far?

LUIS: Um, it’s, I think in my own opinion and someone who grew up watching the greatness that was Jordan. It further emphasize the point that he was a bit of a jerk butt with good reason he earned that right. The same way. People think Kobe and they the in the Staples Center ceremony a teammate saying, Yeah, I told him there is no I in Team. And he said yeah but there is m e in team


ROB: Yep. I think is very great documentary still on the side that we’re we didn’t see because I’m a young guy I didn’t grow up with Michael Jordan. So this is all new to me. I didn’t know that Scottie Pippen was underpaid. Very, very terribly.

ROB: I didn’t know that, uh, you know, Michael Jordan was going through some stuff like that. And Phil Jackson was being alienated from the front office. I didn’t know none of that was going on. All I knew was you know, Michael Jordan brings a lot of MVP’s everybody loves him. That’s the Michael Jordan, I knew

DERRICK: I didn’t I didn’t know the relationship that Dennis Rodman and Phil Jackson had.

ROB: Yeah, you had to think they had a great relationship because it will take a Phil Jackson to get to know Dennis Rodman. I didn’t know Phil Jackson did acid.

LUIS: Yeah,

DERRICK: I mean,

ROB: I was I that was an eye-opener, right There

DERRICK: One of the things is, um, I was watching a documentary with my brother and My Dad and um, you remember that with Dennis Rodman went to Vegas for 48 hours.

LUIS: Yeah.

DERRICK: So at that point, I didn’t know that he went to go see Carmen Electra.

ROB: Yeah.

LUIS: Yeah,

DERRICK: I was like I was like, I was like it would be almost like it would be almost like LeBron, go into the coach and be like, hey, I need 48 hours away from the team and leaves.

LUIS: Yeah

ROB: I wouldn’t say that. Because Michael Jordan was the one who said if anybody needs to break his me but.

DERRICK: yeah,

ROB: it was Dennis Rodman. So I wouldn’t say LeBron, all necessarily would say probably a, who’s a crazy player in the NBA a Ron Artest, even though he’s not in the NBA no more. I would say, Ron Artest. It says doing that back in 2010. I’ll say that Be more relatable to the topic then. You know, a LeBron would not to knock your point though.

DERRICK: It would be like curry doing that.

ROB: Yeah.

DERRICK: You know, I mean is is man Is this a total of difference between players now in the NBA and when he was playing?

LUIS: Yeah, I was just reading before coming out here that they compared how Jordan would be in today’s NBA and they said, Oh, he was smash all over the court. And I agreed.

ROB: Yeah.

DERRICK: Okay. So I am With that, Luis, so I didn’t know that the pistons and the Bulls the way they played against Jordan and the fouls that they hit that dude with today’s NBA you would be tossed for doing stuff like that.

ROB: The NBA back in the day It was like hockey.

LUIS: Yes.

ROB: You was allowed to fight you. There’s nothing bad Whatever happened to you? I think

DERRICK: you could almost like what the coach for the Pistons said either the coach assistant coach said every time Jordan went to the hole They wrapped him up.

ROB: You have to because I see what they talk about for me being a coach. One thing I do I take a little bit away from that without the Fouling part I always say a paint is my paint No one’s allowed in my paint,

LUIS: right

ROB: When I say my paint, I’m talking about the team’s paint,

LUIS: right

ROB: Me on defense, no one’s allowed to come in. before they even touch the paint. Someone needs to be right there in front of him. Now, what Chuck Daily said, was, was the coach for the pistons at the time before Michael Jordan get in the air because they know, no one was at more athletic than Michael Jordan was on that court. Yeah, before he got into the air, which means before he got to the paint, you have to foul him. And if you’re going to foul him, why not make him, you know, earn those free throws, you don’t want to give him a soft foul and he does make it easy free throw. You want them hurting And that’s what they was doing at the time. I mean, it sounds cruel, but if you want to win a championship over Michael Jordan bulls, that’s just what you have to do.

LUIS: Yeah, I mean,

DERRICK: that’s the same year that they’d beat the Lakers, right for the championship.

ROB: Yeah, they beat the Lakers in 9989. And then they beat the Portland Trailblazers in 90. Okay, yeah.

DERRICK: Even, even Cleveland. I didn’t know that. Was that good back then.

ROB: Mark Price.

LUIS: Yeah.

ROB: Yeah, you’ll be surprised how good Cleveland was at that time. But you know, that was just Michael Jordan bulls coming up. He was just coming into his own. You know, the Michael Jordan. We know today. He was no, he was just trying to figure out himself so that’s why the Cavaliers but I think the Cavaliers were in the same division as the bulls at the time. They are now but

DERRICK: Oh, okay.

ROB: I’m not sure they were still because you know, the NBA was a little bit different than what it is today. Yeah. We’re in the same division. I think the Cavaliers would have been better than the bulls. Because in their division today, and let me try to pull it up real quick.

DERRICK: Yeah, so um, as he’s looking that up. So I don’t know if you guys heard that the NBA is considering going to Walt Disney to finish the season off.

ROB: I just heard about that today.

DERRICK: That would be very interesting.

LUIS: Yeah. Like Fred was this morning that the NBA is planning on opening its practice facilities

DERRICK: I think the Lakers did this already

LUIS: okay

DERRICK: because they reached out to the to the governor.

ROB: No they haven’t opened their eyes yet. They’re planning on having talks with him right now.


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ROB: openers, yet. I don’t think that’s a good idea. Call me the bearer of bad news for it. If we still have people dying out here, why are we worried about having an NBA season starting? I mean, call me bias if you want. I mean, my Lakers already proven that they’re the best team in the league. They are hot. Beat the two other teams. So call me byes if you want to give us the championship of the year, and we’ll be happy. You don’t need to start the season over again. We could cancel the season.

DERRICK: Give us the championship and the MVP

LUIS: Yep.

ROB: But I pulled up the division. A the bulls division is a Central Division, the NBA, where they have the Bucks pacers the pistons, Cavaliers and the bulls Of course, at that time, Michael Jordan was in the mid-80s. So the pistons wouldn’t have been that good yet. They were On the verge of becoming a better team, the pacers, they weren’t that good yet. The bucks they already had lost Kareem. And I’m pretty sure Oscar Robinson was probably the only one left on that team if I can remember that far back. If not, then figure it out on Google. And now the bucks weren’t that good of a team either. The Cavaliers were probably the second-best team or the first best team in the division at the time so it probably would have went the pistons or Cavaliers and then the Bulls and then probably the Bucks and then the Pacers.


LUIS: Yeah. No, I could agree with that.


ROB: So let’s go off of this. Since we’re talking about Jordan and basketball, he what is y’all Mount Rushmore of NBA players?

LUIS: Well, you’d have to start with Jordan in my opinion. Kobe Scottie Pippin Shaq And

ROB: there’s only four Mt. Rushmore only four.

LUIS: Then that’s it

ROB: What about you Derrick? Was your Mt. Rushmore.

DERRICK: I’m gonna go with you first.

ROB: My Mount Rushmore is Michael Jordan. Kobe Bryant. Bill Russell Magic Johnson.


ROB: Magic Johnson.

LUIS: That a good pick. Good four

ROB: Reason Why pick you like that is because You know, all those players did something big in their time you have Bill Russell Elevin championships. Even though I’m a Laker fan and I hate to admit a Celtic player is great at any point of time. I have to, I’ll be a fool not to say Bill Russell helped the game become what it is today. Probably one of the most dominant bigs at the time.

DERRICK: Mm hmm.

ROB: Then you have Michael Jordan, who brought more eyes to the NBA.

DERRICK: Mm hmm.

ROB: Far as you know, major markets and stuff. Nike deals, the Gatorade deals that he had. And of course, he had Magic Johnson who saved the NBA. At the time, people were tired of seeing, you know, the same old stuff that they were doing so Magic Johnson bought a new twist to it. And then Kobe Bryant. A lot of people hated him. So they want to sell out arenas is to see him lose. So and then obviously for us lakers fans, we loved him. That was our Michael, and Imma say Kobe Bryant was better than Michael Jordan. And that’s just my opinion. So,

DERRICK: so, so I’m gonna go, I’m gonna go with Derrick Fisher great point shooter Kobe magic and then we’ll give it to Jordan. That’s just like my four.

LUIS: Okay


ROB: That’s good.

LUIS: That’s not bad

ROB: Okay, so we’re gonna wrap this up. Is there any final thoughts that you guys want to dish out?


LUIS: Go for it.

DERRICK: So, um the strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team, Phil Jackson

ROB: Favorite coach right there

LUIS: Yeah.

ROB: All righty, guys. Thank you guys for listening to us. I’m Rob.

LUIS: I’m Luis.

DERRICK: And I’m Derrick.

ROB: And we will see you guys next time.

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