Falcons’ soccer fall to Mounties 4-2


Ivonne Zepeda

Katie Alexander No.7 (Soph) fighting to keep the ball from Mt. San Antonio. Alexander kept the ball from going out of bounds.

Ivonne Zepeda, Social Media Editor

The game started off strong with both teams going head to head to conquer the other’s defense.

While Cerritos put up a tough defense, Mt. San Antonio scored the first goal in the first five minutes.

The Mounties had a short-lived victory as Reghan Roscoe, No.11 (Frosh) Defender, took the ball through their defense to the goal 8 minutes in, evening the score 1-1.

Falcons put up a strong offense to try to take the lead and had many goal attempts.

As their offense got stronger, the goal became clear for the Mounties, who scored again.

Only 10 minutes into the first half they took the lead 2-1.

Cerritos put up an aggressive fight to even the score but left their defense open and the Mounties took the opportunity to increase their lead to 3-1.

The second half mirrored the first with Mt. SAC scoring within the first 5 minutes, 4-1.

Cerritos refused to give up and picked up the pace where it was needed.

The Falcons’ increased their communication and could be heard throughout the field.

The game grew more intense as the final 18 minutes counted down as the Falcons picked up the pace in desperation to make a comeback.

With 11 minutes left on the clock, Casandra Gomez No.8 (Frosh) Forward scored a consolation goal which left the score at 4-2.

The final 10 minutes were desperate for Cerritos, as they made goal attempts.

It was a close game but Cerritos was down at the end 4-2.

Lauren Vasquez No.10 (Soph) felt that the team’s energy wasn’t the same during the second half but they toughed it out and finished with two goals.

Gomez said an improvement for the team is becoming more aware and calming down with the ball, “Cause when we don’t do that, that’s when we start panicking.”

Cerritos may have faced a loss, but the team remains confident in its ability to bounce back.

“I think I would rather have a team that continues to grow than starts off strong and kind of plateaus,” Interim Head Coach Tessa Troglia said.

Troglia believes that the team is improving every game, “I think we’re on the incline,” adding that she sees the team’s growth and progress.

The women’s interim head coach said that their main goal for the rest of the season is to stay focused, stay the course and get better at the game.

The women’s soccer team has a chance to bounce back from their defeat on Oct.14 against Pasadena City College.