Andrew Casillas

When we find ourselves in a struggle with day to day matters we might push it aside and tuck it into a corner in our mind. At Cerritos College there are many other issues going on other than school deep within students brains. For many students the hill mid day is a sweet haven.

Adam Valenzuela a music major on Cerritos Campus often could be found at the hill enjoying leisure or practicing for his music classes. He resembles a young Yanntiersen who is A French Composer who is a minimalist composer and created the music for the famous movie Amelie in the 1930’s and in the sense he was inspired of Valenzuela’s eclectic range of musical skill.

Not only will you find Valenzuela at the hill, but many students go to the hill for varying reasons. If its for a sandwich, trying to get someones number or meeting up before leaving campus.

Juan Diaz De Leon Majoring in Psychology says, “I like when people play the guitar, it’s soothing.”

“The people playing their musical instruments on the hill is a major attraction. In addition, it’s a place where I can get my head clear before my political science class.”

Valenzuela mentions that Tuesday and Wednesday mornings from 10:30 through half past noon the hill is most frequently visited.

Another alluring component to the hill is the stage that sits beneath the terrance like steps.

When events go on throughout the semester the Associated Students of Cerritos College get a disc jockey to play and add to the ambiance of the campus.

Valenzuela comments how on occasion disc jockeys play on the stage, “Everytime they (disc jockeys) play it seems they are starting off. Every now and then they have a good song for about five minutes, otherwise people are out here trying to relax and eat, and you can’t hear yourself talk.”

Moreover, bands will play on the stage and different clubs will host events that will use it as a platform because they know there will be an audience.

Ashley Villarruel majoring in nursing talks about what she does most often at the hill, “Normally, I just sit and catch up and have conversations.”

The hill has a reoccurring crowd, since it is next to Falcon Square and the bookstore.

“The group never stays the same,” says Villarruel, “new people come and they join the conversations.”

Another student Christopher Ibarra majoring in Theatre Arts comes to the hill mostly most of the week between classes and to socialize.

“I come here to mellow out before class, I play Ukelele and meet a few people I don’t know.” stated Ibarra

You can learn more of what goes on at the hill and all of it’s events and shenanigans at Talonmarks.com!!!!

“What always gets me is someone who is good but they don’t think they are good.”
Venuzuela goes on to talk about how it amazes him when he hears things from people he’s never heard before.

“I really like also is when someone is playing something and someone else gets a lot of enthusiasm from that person and it makes them day.”

There any many good people who are musically inclined at the circle, ” one of the biggest jams I had were between two guitars and two people either freestyle sing