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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

Something different at Zombie Fest

Halloween is coming up and we’ve all seen the same form of celebrations year-after-year.

Political science major Aldemar Sanchez is one of the masterminds behind a new, different way for Cerritos College to celebrate this day of horror by offering an idea that the Associated Students of Cerritos College have been stirring up.

“We wanted to do something different instead of just doing the pumpkin carving or costume contest which we thought was kind of bland,” Sanchez said.

With a lot of planning came the idea of Zombie Fest.

This event will be held in Falcon Square at 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. on Oct. 31.

A lot of work is going into this project of terror.

Inter-Club Council commissioner Charles Caguioa hopes to get the clubs on campus to participate in Zombie Fest.

As one of the event’s architects, he has inside information on Zombie Fest to help incorporate clubs as part of the event.

Not only is Zombie Fest designed to be a time of festivities, the event will consist of a canned food drive during the event, in addition to the club canned food drive that started on Monday, to help replenish Cerritos College Heath Center’s food supply.

In addition to the canned food drive and prizes, there will be a zombie infection game.

The game’s parameters will be the diagonals of the fountain.

Parallel to the hill and music building is where the makeup stations will be “zombifiying” all participants who would like to transform into zombies.

Players will start at what will be will be the stations for the surviviors.

The premise of the game is to run into the diagonal walk way and run in the circle around the fountain and make it back to the top of the hill unscathed as the zombies try to “bite” the players by pulling their flags off.

Once players’ flags are pulled off of them, they are infected. When infected, players become zombies and then try to pull off the remaining survivors’ flags.

Players that make it all the way through the circle will find little mini stops, located parallel to where the disk jockey will be playing, that tally up their points.

ASCC has decided to include a disk jockey to provide music for Zombie Fest.

“What’s nice about the DJ is that (he’s) not just the typical DJ. We’re actually requesting him to play creepy music which will add to the ambience,” Caguioa commented.

There will be four trophy prizes for four different categories. The names of the awards will be announced at the end of the event.

The list of trophies include:

  • For the club that donates the most cans in total for the club food drive.
  • To the club which can put the most cans in its box during Zombie Fest.
  • For the club that brings the most participants.
  • To the club that collects the most flags from the survivors.

In addition to being a time of fun and charity, Zombie Fest will also be a way for the various clubs on campus to integrate and work in unity.

“A lot of zombies (and) a lot of outside people (are) coming in to participate. I’m hoping students in general want to stop by at one of the makeup stations. It will be fun because they can go be zombies,” cabinet commissioner of Administration and Records Janet Parga said.

“There (are) going to be a lot of clubs working together. You’re going to see a lot of different departments working together. We might have the Theatre Department, we might have (the) Cosmetology (Department) coming in and of course, student council. It’s going to be a collaboration of a lot,” she explained.

If anyone wants to follow the event and see its progression, check out: http://facebook.com/cerritoscollegezombiefest.

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Something different at Zombie Fest