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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

Def Man Music

Unlike your local hip-hop radio stations, Def Man’s Music at WPMD wants listeners to be conscious of the music and artists that don’t appear in the mainstream.

Hosted by music major, Saveon Simon the show goes on air every Monday and Wednesday from 12 pm to 1pm.

It has always has been Simon’s idea to bring a strictly hip hop show to WPMD.
“There is one that is sort like it, but he does everything (genre) (but) I just stick to hip-hop and old R&B,” said Simon.

When the show is live Simon and his co-host discuss topics such as the current news in the hip-hop world, albums or mixtapes coming out, recommends listeners on what artists to look out for and gives his opinion on it all.

Undecided major and co-host of Def Man’s Music, James Weist discusses Saveon’s dedication to the show.

“He dedicates so much of his time and it’s improvement in the sense that he wants the genre of hip-hop to thrive without forgetting where it was.”

Simon discusses what was talked about the last their show,
“We discuss what was going to happen with the BET Hip Hop Awards, we were covering certain awards and telling people how I was excited for the cypher because that is when you get the artists to rap back to back giving their hottest verse.”

At the end of every show there is a section called Mic Check, where Saveon and his co-host and guests showcase their free styling skill.

Simon talked a little more about Mic Check, “That’s the prefect thing when somebody is free styling on the microphone just showing skills and (demonstrating) that rap is more then just radio play or making money,” said simon.

Anyone who upcoming artists who freestyles is welcome to give Simon a visit and talk to him about being a guest on Mic Check with the cast to keep things interesting as the show progresses.

Being on the radio, problems may occur. When Simon started Def Man’s music he had problems getting used working at the studio.

“I have to make sure that all the sounds are up and their down and sometimes my music player will act up and not play the certain thing at the right time,” Simon replied.

His first encounter with hip hop was when he heard “Going Back to Cali” by Biggie Smalls while riding in his mom’s car.

He further added, “I was about seven years old when I heard the end (of the song “Going Back to Cali”), than I knew I loved this type of music.”

Expressing ones feelings through rhymes and connecting with other is what Simon said is what he finds so passionate in hip hop.

Simon believes thats what made hip-hop so unique and meaningful back in the day and is now being missed.

“Back in the 90’s there was the arts and crafts of hip-hop, these artists were thinking, actually putting things together, their rhyme schemes and lyrics were so crazy and that music has been forgotten.”

Simon added “If you check your local radio stations…you will find nothing but party nonsense.”

As Def Man’s music’s host Simon believes more conscious hip-hop artistes such as Kendrick Lamar or Lupe Fiasco and select others are needed in the hip hop game to pushed out the negativity in the genre.

Simon not only hosts his show, but also is a co-host of Swinging With the World hosted by biology major, Peggy Sue.

Sue discusses working with Simon, “As far topics, he goes with it and he puts his opinion out there.” She said.

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