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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

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Postal 4’s Friday Update hauls in more fun content & mechanics

Underneath all the gore and bullets, there is a truckload of stuff to do that will make gore and bullets even more hilarious. That is if your sense of humor is morbid enough to handle it. Photo credit: Running With Scissors

Postal 4 is not what one would call a new game, but its Friday Update is a testament to the creators’ desire to demonstrate that there is a slew of content as of yet released—and that there is still fun to be had.

Ironically updated on the Monday of November 22, the Friday Update expands on the array of missions and locations available to the player.

Until then, the list of missions and locations had been incomplete, and it is now that players are able to explore the full extent of Postal 4’s errands.

However, as the game is still in testing, players should keep an eye out for bugs and notify the creators so the issue can be fixed.

Aside from the bugs, these missions’ plots work to play into the series’ outrageous sense of humor, as well as the players’ independence by giving them more land to check out—and people to mindlessly kill.

Take the Treasure Hunter as an example where both work side by side.

In it, the Dude, otherwise known as the player, is contacted by the mayor of Edensin to recover something called the “Artifact” from the long-lost civilization that had been hiding underneath the town until a sinkhole exposed it.

Except with all the territorial natives and homicidal looters making the Dude’s job much more enjoyable to complete.

Another notable mission is the Dam Inspector, in which the Dude is tasked with protecting Edensin’s local dam from a Doomsday Cult that chose that day to poison its water.

To better combat these new threats, the Dude can take advantage of the new M60 or chainsaw and turn them into mounds of smoking flesh or shredded meat—it’s not like the mayor who sent the Dude will bother stopping him.

In addition to these storylines are some minor adjustments to the game that attempt to finetune gameplay and make it feel more fluid.

For example, if Dude decides to interrupt an NPC’s conversation, one or both will become hostile and attack him.

In likewise socially unacceptable and legally inadvisable fashion, the Dude can destroy ATMs for some free cash and send nearby civilians into a state of terror.

The more mild side of these new adjustments involves the new item wheel, songs, and third-person animation for every weapon.

Whereas the songs are more to give the new storylines a unique quality, the item wheel and third-person weapon animations will allow Dude to fight with a better understanding of the battlefield and respond with a wider array of tools.

If the Dude does run into bugs, the creators are always there to respond; after all, Postal 4 is funded by them.

That being said, it wouldn’t hurt to play Postal 4 for a bit and indulge in Dude’s unique ability in getting away with basically everything.

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Matthew Espinosa is a staff writer for Talon Marks. His major is Journalism. He enjoys playing Halo and reading science fiction in his downtime. He's unclear as to where he will transfer after Cerritos.
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Postal 4’s Friday Update hauls in more fun content & mechanics