Matthew Fee, candidate for first in lineup


Matthew Espinosa

Matthew Fee at the home match against Mt. San Antonio on Oct. 20, 2021. He sits out on this one and instead, counts himself among the audience.

Matthew Espinosa, Staff Writer

Matthew Fee of the Falcons’ wrestling team is the type of man whose passion for sports carries on later in life and as a result of his own hard work, is professionalized by becoming a fighter for an official college.

Specifically, the 19-year-old has taken on the weight class of 285 lb. for his first year of college; after his time at Fountain Valley High School as Most Improved Player as well as Most Valuable Player, Fee is bound to be an important asset for Cerritos’ wrestling career.

This much is clear from his record of winning the Northern Division CIF Southern Section championship as a junior and his being appointed captain for the Barons wrestling team as a senior student.

“I’ve been wrestling since freshman year in high school,” Fee said.

It would be during Fountain Valley that Fee earned himself the pleasure of being a varsity wrestler in his sophomore year.

Fee says that being a wrestler, a combat sport in which he depends on his own ability is preferable to being a baseball player, where team coordination meant being dependent on other people to play effectively.

Years past and he manages his physique by a rigid exercise regimen.

“Practicing every day, of course. It’s the best way to stay in shape. We wrestle Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday with tournaments taking place on Friday and Saturday,” he said when asked about the specifics of his schedule.

When asked about what Fee hopes to achieve by fighting for the Falcons, he answered with a rather ambitious goal.

“One of my goals is starting lineup and our starter is Jonovan Smith,” said Fee.

Fee admitted that with Jonovan Smith being not only first in the lineup but also number one in the state of California it will be a difficult task to fulfill.

In addition, he works to win a state championship and with it, transfer to a four-year university with an equally reputable wrestling team to work alongside.

Except rather than holding himself to a strict set of standards, he trains to make his team proud.

Apart from working out, he makes for time to indulge in hobbies where he plays video games such as World of Warcraft and League of Legends.

His family and friends initially held celebrations of a sort at restaurants like Wingstop after tournaments until participating in tournaments turned into something regular that occurred every week.