New album from Incubus decent, not billboard material


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Is Incubus trying to renew itself? Or is it trying really hard to win its fans over with a new album?

Its last album, “Light Grenades” has a deep and intimate melody compared to its new album “If Not Now, When?”

Incubus has more of an urban lyrical sound and rage in “Light Grenades” than its new album coming out on August 17.

Were fans really waiting five years for Incubus to come out with just a decent album?

The group lost its touch, not only in the music, but it doesn’t have as much motivation and passion as all the other albums.

Out of the five year hiatus, for three of those years Incubus was working on the new album “If Not Now, When?”

The following two years, Incubus decided to take a break from their new album.

Singer Brandon Boyd worked on a solo album and exhibiting his own art shows.

Guitarist Michael Einziger went off to school for two of those years, and bassist Ben Kenney released a solo record.

In the song “Adolescents,” Boyd takes the kind of gloomy view that a adolescent may have.

He sings vaguely about feeling overwhelmed and out of bound, repeating the hook, “Out of sight, out of mind, we’re out of time.”

The song “If Not Now, When?” is really taking you to something different than “Adolescents.” It’s more about telling the love of his life how he has been waiting for a while and now he wants to take things to a committed level.

The song “Promises, Promises,” follows the song “If Not Now, When?”

Boyd expresses metaphors in “Promises, Promises” about how the woman he loves can’t promise him anything because they are not together.

Boyd uses illusion with the word “promise,” saying, “I’ve never done this before, promises, promises, but I’m enjoying the illusion and the things my body says.”

This song has more reasoning and knowledge on the idea about how he feels and not really the expression of feelings in it.

The album is decent. The songs all have a different kind of beat, not really the same crazy tone as in the group’s old albums. You can see it has matured a lot, but it’s not the same sound it use to have.

It may be based on how the band distanced itself for a while. Overall the album is okay. However, it is not billboard material.