“Gears of War” exceeds expectations


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Amazing, spectacular, and legendary are not even close enough words to describe how good “Gears of War 3” is.

Microsoft Studios has found a way to outdo “Gears of War 2” (2008).

“Gears of War 3” is the latest saga of the GOW series where the Coalition of Organized Government (COG) attempts to stop the Locust and the Lambent from completely taking over the world.

The graphics of this game are really clear and very incredible.

The campaign mode has been taken to a level so high, that it surprisingly has passed “GOW 2.”

It’s campaign mode pulls the player into the game and captures the player’s attention just as if a good movie would do.

The storyline of this game may be the most dramatic storyline that this series has ever had.

The game play works much more smoothly than previous GOW games and the movements of the characters’ are not too animated.

The new Beast Mode feature, which has an online-optional mode, is a good and interesting feature of the game.

Beast Mode lets the player be on the Locust side instead of playing the hero.

GOW’s Beast Mode worked for this game.

The characters and voice-overs of the game are just as good as the previous GOW games.

This game is not only a must buy, but should rack up several game of the year awards.

This much anticipated game is worth the wait.

One would be foolish to not have this game in their house collection.