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“Dark Knight Rises” blockbuster of summer

Ron Phillips
DKR-16679rC: L-r: TOM HARDY as Bane and CHRISTIAN BALE as Batman in Warner Bros

The “Dark Knight Rises” film, starring Christian Bale as “Batman” and Anne Hathaway as “Catwoman, ” was as impressive as it was long. Two hours and 44 minutes long to be exact.

Director Christopher Nolan, who directed “Batman Begins” and “The Dark Knight,” ends his third installment of the Batman series with a bang.

Bale’s portrayal of “Batman” was as stupendous as his previous Batman roles. His acting required a multitude of different emotions, such as sadness and anger, which he illustrated very effectively.

On the other hand, Hathaway’s portrayal of “Catwoman,” is hard to comprehend.

If you are judging her by the standards set by Michelle Pfeiffer’s portrayal of “Catwoman,” Hathaway does not live up to the character, but if you are looking for a more modern and realistic version of “Catwoman,” Hathaway is definitely the actor for the job.

The high speed chase scenes involving dozens of vehicles along with the pyrotechnics and massive scale of actors, under the direction of Nolan, will leave viewers in awe.

The villain Bane, portrayed by actor Edward Thomas Hardy, is almost completely overshadowed by the story, dialogue, and other actors found throughout the film.

Hardy’s time on screen was very limited and mostly dominated by the dialogue of the character he portrayed.

His most impressionable moments were the well-choreographed fight scenes with Batman. The trash talking in between the kicking and punching went very well together.

A long awaited and much anticipated film, because of its billing as the conclusion of the Dark Knight series, may leave viewers with more questions than answers due to its major inconsistencies in the storyline, which broke away from the original storyline written in the comic books.

True Batman fans that have followed the caped crusader since his very first appearance in the comic books published by DC comics may be disappointed to see the storyline be modified in such a large proportion.

For the first time Dark Knight viewers, this film might leave you reconsidering your favorite superhero due to his determination to restore order to a terrorized Gotham City.

Besides the major inconsistencies found in the plot, the “Dark Knight Rises” is still a film to see for its production value and fight scenes.

This film is one of a kind. One of the greatest “Batman” films ever made.

Violent scenes of death and destruction are found throughout the film. Attendees must be weary of allowing impressionable children to view the film.

Be ready for a long, high octane, emotional roller coaster that will keep you at the edge of your seat for the duration of the film.

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“Dark Knight Rises” blockbuster of summer