FIFA 13 is the best sports game of the fall

Carlos Mariscal

Recently released FIFA 13 has to be the biggest sports game of the fall with realistic in-game improvements and added features.

After FIFA not having many improvements the past couple of years, FIFA 13 looked to make quite a splash for the upcoming year with all the promotion.

Even if you have been a FIFA fanatic for years, the game’s main menu can be quiet overwhelming at first with a load of new options to choose from.

Ultimate team is the best feature in the new release in part to so many options being available for the gamer.

It allows the user to build your own team from the ground up, choosing players, coaches, kits, stadiums and formations. It has to be one of the best features that FIFA has produced.

After building your own team, it allows the option of testing your team out online against other users and the teams they have created.

World Cup and Confederations Cup equivalents were a couple of tournaments added on to career mode to give the gamer a few more options in this year’s addition.

Adding these tournaments to career mode is a great idea due to the fact that these tournaments are coming up in a couple years and can help users understand the tournament formats.

First touch control is a new feature added to in-game play to help the gamer feel a more realistic feeling while playing. It is a huge feature EA added in to this years addition, which helps the user make quicker one touch passes for a better team performance.

First touch control is an excellent addition due to the fact that it will help the gamer make more strong and accurate passes, where in previous years passes will sometimes not go in your favor.

Although FIFA added features that give the gamer a more realistic feel in game play, some may feel it may be a little too realistic with certain shots and passes being more difficult.

Shooting and passing can be difficult if not timed correctly, giving the gamer little margin for error or the result might be a bad shot or pass.

Overall, FIFA 13 took a big step in this years addition with the added features possibly having a higher opening rating than its EA partner Madden 13.