The Jazz and Pop Concert coming to Cerritos College

Zeinab Saleh and Zeinab Saleh

Upcoming concerts at Cerritos College includes “The Jazz & Pop Concert” on Wednesday, May 15 at 7 p.m. with free admission and Choir/Band Spring Concert on Friday, May 17 also at 7p.m. with a $10 general admission fee.

Tickets can be purchased online on the Cerritos College Music Dept.’s website or an hour before the performance at the door. Both concerts will take place in the Burnight Center Theatre.

The music department has over 250 students, and about 100 of them are in the choir alone.

Music concerts have been going on every year at Cerritos College since the campus was open to the public. The Jazz and Choir bands are going on three to five years of organizing concerts themselves.

Director Anna Demichele of vocal and choral studies will be leading the Choir/ Band Spring Concert describes her excitement about every concert she participates in by explaining how “wanting to teach music was my love so it was a natural fit to teach it.”

David Betancourt Jazz Ensemble and Orchestra Professor will be instructing the Jazz and Pop Concert.

He is excited to showcase what his students have been working on throughout the semester.

“I know everyone that goes (to the concerts) is going to have a great time. i think that they are really going to enjoy both groups. There’s going to be many performances with lots of high energy and with a family oriented and party atmosphere,” Betancourt said.

After switching from a culinary major to a music major, John Santamaria, who plays guitar at Cerritos College, said, “I found my love for music here at Cerritos College and music isn’t just noise people hear, it’s more of a story being told.”