Review: Ride Along more complex than it seems

Last year Kevin Hart released his stand-up comedy movie Let Me Explain. This year he stars in the movieRide Along” with actor Ice Cube.

“Ride Along” is about a guy named Ben Barber who is played by Kevin Hart; he tries to get the blessing to marry James Payton’s sister. Payton is played by Ice Cube and the only way that Payton will give Barber his blessing is if he can prove himself as a proper candidate for Payton’s sister.

Barber is on his way to attend a police academy, while Payton is a seasoned police officer. Since, Payton is a police officer, he decides to take Barber on a ride along, so that Barber can prove that he can protect Payton’s sister; hence forth the movie title.

Angela, Patyon’s sister became an important character toward the end of the movie.

The story of “Ride Along” is a little more complex than what it seams, it has a small plot twist as well as an emotional pull.

An underlining plot is about Payton trying to catch a notorious gun dealer who goes bu the name Omar, played by actor Laurence Fishburne.

A highlight of the movie, was that it ridiculed scenes that are seen in action films, similar to what is shown in older action comedies like “Rush Hour” and “The Other Guys.”

The star and the highlight of this movie is Hart.
He surley delievers in this movie because of his facetious and crazy antics that is shown in every scene that he is in.

All this different lines, always trying to act all tough, and his Napoleon complex steals the show.

If you are a Hart fan, you will love this movie.
There are a lot of humorous parts within the film. but all of the comedy has Hart involved, with the exception of a couple of funny one-liners by Ice Cube.

It’s not a bad thing, but if the writers would have spent a little more time developing he story; then , maybe it would have been a better movie.
A theme that was represented throughout the film, is the video game medium. it was funny to see how Barber uses the sterotypic was present.

Overal ” Ride Along” is a good movie, but not the best movie. The only good thing it has going is Hart. he does have many funny lines, crazy exaggerations and his humorous high pitch voice, but other than that ther’s nothing else that grabs the viewers attention .

“Ride Along” is recommend to anyone who likes Hart or simply just wants to have a good time watching a mediocore comedy movie.

Otherwise, just wait for the DVD or Blu-Ray release or when it gets streamed on Netflix