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Review: ‘Non-Stop’ packs a punch

Liam Neeson shatters the idea of ‘Non-Stop‘ being another movie that follows the ‘Taken‘ movies and reminds everyone that he is still the badass that we have all come to know and love.


Neeson plays Bill Marks, an air marshall that has had a troubled past and has let those problems transfer over into his daily job.

Marks goes about his everyday duties as a protector of the plane, until there is an anonymous text message that is sent to his secured network.

The message tells him that someone is going to die on the plane every 20 minutes unless, $150 million is transferred over into a secured bank account.

It is then up to Marks to not only stop the terrorist from getting what he wants, but also making sure that his past demons don’t cloud his judgement when it comes to making the right decision.

The first thing that comes to mind, is how can people die on a plane without other people being aware of what is going on?

Not only does Marks have to worry about people dying on the plane that he is trying to protect, but the terrorist finds ways to turn the situation around and make it look as if the air marshall is hijacking the plane.

Marks then tries to get the TSA to get the money transferred into the bank account, but the account ends up being in his name and suspicions are raised by the agency he works for.

This causes unrest amongst the passengers on the plane and the media takes it by storm to make Marks a terrorist in the public’s eye.

Director Jaume Collet-Serra, who has directed movie such as ‘House of Wax‘ and ‘Orphan‘, uses many twists in the movie to make sure that you do not know what is going to come next.

Of course, when you have an action star like Neeson, you are going to have to expect that there are going to be some well choreographed fight scenes. As well as the occasional shootouts.

This movie will put you on an emotional roller coaster, because there comes a point in the movie when you do not know who you should be rooting for.

The length of the movie has to be the best part of the movie, besides all of the suspense of who the terrorist really is.

The movie is under two hours and Collet-Serra makes sure that no scene or obstacles in the movie is dragged out, so there is a constant flow to the movie and you are never left checking your phone to see how much longer you have to go.

While Neeson has taken some flak for his past movie, he convinces you in “Non-Stop” that this is definitely the action movie that you are looking for.

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Review: ‘Non-Stop’ packs a punch