Walk of Fame (interactive)


The Cerritos College Walk of Fame honors students showing outstanding excellence in the areas of arts, literature, government, sports, and the sciences. Click on the image above to take a stroll down the walk!

Stories featured: 

Daniel Flores: The former student trustee talks about what it takes to connect the faculty and the students through action and the board of trustees meetings.

Hope Garcia: Navy veteran shares her struggles growing up and how art has become her passion.

Amadi Kagoma: Foreign tennis player talks about how he adjust to America and what it’s like where he is from.

Jaymee Del Rosario: Possibly the first Cerritos College student to colonize Mars as she is part of the Mars One program.

Carissa Kane: 19 year old with a 4.0 and interest in engineering. She wants to work in a aeronautics career.

Alejandra Lopez: ASCC Court justice, Lopez shares her inspiration for the leader she has become.

Jessica Wu: Sparks fly as Wu talks about her possible career in electrical engineering.

Robin Gaitan: The fact that she is blind doesn’t stop her from her writing success, read about how you don’t need eyes to see the world you write.

Miles Aiello: The former ASCC president talks about the man behind the political mask and what are his aspirations.

Emilio Morales: Listen to the soothing sound of Morales’ piano and see what put his fingers to the keys.

Daniel Lopez: An unusual injury for a player in his position, baseball pitcher talks about his fight with this peculiar injury.

Michael Pfirmann: A remarkable story of the student becoming the teacher.


Interviews, stories, and design by: Emily Curiel, Michael Garcia, Mario Jimenez, and Sebastian Echeverry.