‘Twilight’ turns into darkness

Gustavo Rangel

“Twilight,” the movie, was not as everyone claimed it to be, for many reasons.

The first one is that the storyline was one that was used too many times.

The cinematography was poor, and so was he makeup on the so-called “vampires”, as well as the special effects.

With the amount of money this movie had in its budget, it should have had better actors, like one that didn’t die in “Harry Potter.”

Another book has been destroyed at the cause of its movie counterpart.

Many vampire movies have been made that would leave this in the dust.

A lot of parts in the book were cut in the movie, as well as many lines that should have been said, and would have made the move make a lot more sense.

The biggest failure of this movie is the fight scene; it was too short and was not very entertaining.

For two vampires fighting over a girl, I thought this would have a lot of bloodshed, but I was mistaken.