‘Final Fantasy’ amazing with ‘Dissidia’

Bobby Chichester

“Dissidia: Final Fantasy” is the newest game in the Final Fantasy franchise and it is an amazing game for the Sony PSP.

It is an action RPG with some role playing game elements.

Dissidia brings together 20 characters from the Final Fantasy series and pits them in one-on-one fighting matches with some RPG elements.

The game overall is amazing.

It has a solid storyline that is somewhat easy to follow and it is very entertaining, featuring amazing voice acting.

The gameplay is solid and easy to learn to play. It is a solid title that easily lives up to the expectations that fans have come to expect from Square-Enix.

The game does have a few drawbacks, however.

Sometimes the camera angles give a bad angle that makes it hard to see all the action.

The other drawbacks are in the controls.

While some characters have a large array of special moves and attacks, you can only choose a very limited number of attacks per battle. It is customizable, however.

Dissidia is a game that any fan of Final Fantasy should own. It delivers solid game play and fast-paced action, at the cost of missing some of the action.