Black Dahlia Murder produces killer CD

Gustavo Rangel

The Black Dahlia Murder released a new CD on Sept. 15 under the title, Deflorate.

Deflorate was released under record label, Metal Blade, and is the fourth studio album from the Black Dahlia Murder.

This CD seems to be a lot more melodic from the others will a higher pitch from the guitars.

And the drums seem more of rhythmic to the songs, as compared to the other CDs have more of the blast beat kind of tone.

The vocals, I can’t say much about because it sounds about the same, not much changed in that part.

This album is the first to introduce new guitarist Ryan Knight, who replaced John Kempainen.

I think it was an excellent idea to replace him; this new guitarist gives the band more of an eeriness for the melodies that makes it even more brutal.

The album comes with 10 new tracks that just make it a symphony of death metal.

  • Black Valor,
  • Necropolis,
  • A Selection Unnatural,
  • Denounced, Disgraced,
  • Christ Deformed,
  • Death Panorama,
  • Throne of Lunacy,
  • Eyes of Thousand,
  • That Which Erodes the Most Tender of Things and
  • I Will Return.

TBDM’s lyrics for these songs bring more beauty to the side of death, like “I Will Return” is about cryogenic freezing.

The album art isn’t as scary as the ones from the previous album, but it does look wicked awesome.

I give this album four stars for the total brutality of it, this could have easily been five but I have to dock one off for the album artwork not being up to par with it.